Last week we welcomed a new addition to the nursery team, Elena Pouliou. She has written a letter to the comunity Sa Llavor:

Buenos días!
I am Elena Pouliou from Greece. I have completed my studies in the university of Social and Human Sciences in Volos, Greece. I just arrived in Mallorca for my Erasmus placement.

I applied to Fundacio Sa Llavor because I wanted to experience a different and alternative educational process with the principles of this school that I consider as the most suitable for child development and social evolution. In Sa Llavor children have time and space to explore, create and communicate with the others and themselves. Teachers don’t act, as often happens, like they are the authority who press down all initiatives and children needs. On the other hand they are the mediators between children and knowledge. In this way children evolve their independence and self- cultivation.

I also appreciate that the school gives the possibility to come in touch with art and nature that are both powerful stimulus, although unfortunately they are usually considered as secondary.

Last but not least, I believe that when people from different cultural environments meet, there is always something beautiful to create.

I am really happy that Fundacio Sa llavor gave me the chance to come and meet you all. Reality here has surpassed my expectations. I hope we share beautiful moments all together.