“Through a deepening of social life a new understanding of the human being must be found that will permeate human and social development for Evolution” Rudolf Steiner   Fundació Sa Llavor offers a POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMME : "EURYTHMY IN SOCIAL AND WORKING LIFE"   In 3 modules throughout 2023-24: December 2023, April and July 2024, with Teresa Mazzei as Social Eurythmy guide.   In cooperation with the Goetheanum, Section for the Performing Arts, Dornach, Switzerland. https://srmk.goetheanum.org/en/   Recognized by the Institute for Eurythmy in Working Life, Den Haag, The Netherlands. https://www.ewl-institute.com/the-institute   Official Public Certification by The Ministry of Education of the Balearic Islands.   A Postgraduate Programme that nurtures and develops the knowledge, sensibility and capacity necessary to work through Eurythmy in social and working context for individual and social organism development. "A COMMON AIM AND TWO PURPOSES THROUGH A SHARED PATH"   EURYTMIST: Postgraduate Programme for qualified eurytmists to work through Eurythmy in social and working contexts and Eurythmy students in their last year of training. EVERYONE: Official Training Programme for enterpreneurs, managers, employees, teachers, artists, or any person who is interested in developing personal, social and organisational skills and learning about social organisms with a living approach. A COMMON AIM     Developing knowledge and skills for sensing the social organisms we are involved in, in order to consciously act on it, each one with one’s own role and competences. By social organism we refer to all companies or associations, or other organised context such as teams, colleges, study groups, and so on, in which several people come together, within organisations of varied complexity, to achieve something that otherwise would not be possible to get off the ground. "INSPIRING A HEALTHY LIFE FOR THE SOCIAL ORGANISM"     GOALS Everyone: Develop and practise our own social consciousness and skills. Experience in practice the relationship between individual and social impulses. Look at the organisation we are involved for social or working reason, as a living organism: its elements, its phases, its living processes and so on. Deepen and enrich intellectual knowledge on individual/social/organisational changing and development theories throughout practical experience (becoming operating forces). Discover the bridges which connect individual with the social organism. Move from intellectual knowing to perceiving and to acting, consciously. Develop self-confidence and creative capacity. For eurythmists specifically: Experience eurythmic exercises suitable for social and working contexts. Deepen the application of fundamental elements of Eurythmy in the social and working fields Transform and create Eurythmy’s exercises for different contexts and different stages of the social organism. Explore the connection of working with Eurythmy with some theories and approaches for social/organisational development paths. Develop own process of conducting Eurythmy sessions in the social and working fields.         IDEAL BEHIND THE PROGRAMME Social organisms live and develop in constant movement.  They acquire the ability to learn and evolve thanks to the people that they interact with, and they are more than the sum of individual components. A social organism never stands still: either it evolves together with the context, generating

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Syrinx, Sa Llavor Musical Academy, was born with the desire to develop music learning by enjoying and understanding the art of music as a fundamental part of the human essence, necessary for evolution and growth. Syrinx, Sa Llavor Musical Academy, offers quality musical education adapted to the abilities and needs of each individual to awaken musical sensitivity and accompany development as a person. It was born in Sa Llavor from the Integrated Music School and offers individual and collective activities in extracurricular hours for all ages. Offers: - Bass - Clarinet - Double bass - Recorder - Transverse flute - Guitar - Piano - Saxophone - Trumpet - Viola - Viola da gamba - Fiddle - Cello - Gamelan Orchestra Instruments - Musical language specialized by instruments - Harmony - Orchestra - Singing and chorus - Luthiery and creation of instruments We start in October 2023. More information and registration opening in September 2023.  

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THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare

"Our revels now are ended. These our actors, As I foretold you, were all spirits and Are melted into air, into thin air: And, like the baseless fabric of this vision, The cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself, Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little life Is rounded with a sleep." The Tempest. W. Shakespeare. Act IV. Scene 1.   Every year, since the Fundació Sa Llavor began its path in 2007, the Educational Learning Community experiences a complete process of theatrical creation. Through work groups on writing texts, set design, eurythmy, speech art, construction, carving, costumes, music and manuals, we work together to create and develop all the elements that make up a play. As an integral, participatory, lively and creative process, it allows to grow in tolerance, respect and trust, offering a space for communication and artistic expression, educating the will, free thought, sensitivity and the power of imagination. This school year we have been able to experience the magic of The Tempest intertwined with the tragic love story of Dido and Aeneas.  

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A tribute to the artist S E N T I R   E L   C O L O R performance May 27 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sa Llavor Foundation, Binissalem, Mallorca   SENTIR EL COLOR is a multidisciplinary project that combines Contemporary Eurythmy, live music and recitation, audiovisual art and the poetry of María Zambrano, interwoven with interviews with Pablo Picasso and set in paintings by Joan Miró. It is a firm commitment to culture and art. Discover and experience the deeper meaning of what art is in today's society through the artistic movement, music, words and painting, through a tribute to four renowned artists: Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, María Zambrano and Jordi Sabatés.   The heart, the center that houses the flow of life, not to retain it, but to let it pass in the form of a dance; keeping step, approaching reason, which is life, in the dance. Maria Zambrano ...Where I influence images and images influence my music... for the sake of creating a reality of mystery. Jordi Sabatés I try to apply colors just like words make poems, just like notes make music Joan Miró ...It is necessary to prevent a man from remaining indifferent to a work of art... what must be achieved is that it vibrates, that he is moved, that create in turn through imagination. Pablo Picasso     It is carried out by women artists who fight to integrate the performing arts and promote a new way of “feeling colour”. We hope that this project will raise questions in the viewer and leave no one indifferent.   Olga de Jenaro: Eurythmy Stage artist and choreographer, expert in making words and music visible through Contemporary Eurythmy. He has worked in the Eurythmy Ensembles of Berlin, The Hague and Madrid. Master classes with Carina Schmid in Switzerland. Co-Director of the Eurythmy Training in Madrid and creator of the ANDANDO project, premiered at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, 2021.   Irene Albar: Piano Pianist and composer trained in classical music at the Madrid Conservatory and specialized in improvisation and jazz with Barry Harris for 35 years. He has worked on film, TV, musical, theater and various shows projects. Specialized in accompanying silent films in Filmotecas and Festivals. He leads his own project in a jazz trio and collaborates with different groups, including Andando.   Irene Sevilla: Speech Art Word Artist and Psychologist. Trained in Dramatic Art and Steiner Pedagogy. Member of an action-research group led by Sarah Kane in England in the field of creative speech and interpretation according to the method of Michael Chekhov. Coordinator and teacher in the development of Artistic Processes in Education. Co-founder of the Sa Llavor Foundation.   Marta Navas: Direction Graduated from the Royal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid, training at the Teatro de la Abadía. Greek tragedy with Theodorus Terzopoulos, European Academy of Gesture with Jean Louis Heckel and Claire Heggen and Butoh Theater with Katsura Kan. Interpretation with Fernanda Orazzi, Theater Anthropology

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"Concentrate, concentrate, until I hear myself in the ultimate center, the center that goes to my most distant self, the one that plunges me into the whole" Juan Ramón Jimenez   Born in Hamburg, she completed her Eurythmy training in Hamburg with Lotte Korff and Lory Maier-Smits, the first eurythmist trained by Rudolf Steiner. He also trained with Elena Zuccoli in Dornach. He was part of the Ensemble of the Goetheanum in Dornach and the Else-Klink-Ensemble. From 1977 to 1999 she was Director of the Hamburg Eurythmy School. 1984 Founded the Eurythmy Stage in Hamburg. 1999 – 2011 she was the artistic director of the Eurythmy Ensemble at the Goetheanum. Realization and artistic direction of great orchestral works with Eurythmy to this day.    

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On March 3rd and 4th we held the Music Workshop for the Educational Community led by José Salinas, music teacher, orchestra , violin, lyre and singing Werbeck. What is the essence of music? We start with the purely rhythmic and walk to the beat to integrate rhythm, awakening the foundation for the musical. We performed intricate rhythmic patterns using body percussion, gradually leading us towards melody, voice and image, eventually leading to song. We sang in chorus and the melodic opened a space of amplitude in the feeling and the expressive. The melodies and songs allowed us to travel through different landscapes of melancholy, mystery, joy, serenity and joy. The canon voices created harmony in community, through different styles and eras. The Workshop has allowed us to live that we are a musical instrument. And the question arises where does music come from? Go where you can't, look where you see nothing, hears where it doesn't sound and light will have your being.

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"And you give a name to everything and the word is born as a creative source"     On April 21st and 22nd, we continue our journey through the 7 Arts and arrive at the fifth meeting of “The path of human being through the Arts” with Severino Airoldi as a guest who will guide an Artistic Workshop for the Speech Art and Theater Community. Through the artistic word we explore fields as vital as: the voice · the breath · the listening · the spoken sound. Creativity, vitality and joy accompany us in speaking exercises and recitation of poems, where we look for the relationship between voice and the gesture. We discovered vowels and consonants as an inspirational source. The theatrical improvisation, the creation of scenes and characters leads us to lose our inhibitions, live in the present and trust one's own creativity through a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. "Any game in which the person has to transform and play a role, is beneficial for the soul, it takes it out of its accustomed routine and reinforces its freedom and adaptability" Georg Kuhlewind   Severino Airoldi He was born in Switzerland. He studied Word Art and Theater in Stuttgart, Germany. Teacher, reciter and declaimer. He has taught German and theater at the Escuela Libre Micael in Madrid. He was part of the Trova de Cuentos and Euritmia Ensemble. He has worked in the art of the word and theater in sociotherapy. He was part of the "L'Arsenale" Theater School in Milan, Italy and has directed the "Christmas Cars" project at the Micael Free School. Since 2001, he has taught theater and speech training courses at different institutions in Spain.   More information: escolacultura@sallavor.es Registration aquí>  

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Music is an essential element for achieving a healthy development in the evolutionary process of growth and learning. The sound of music awakens balanced and harmonic thought, connects with sensitivity, encourages the will and facilitates the social quality of listening. Music and singing situate the performer on the fine line between the intangible and the sensitive, making them part of an authentic spiritual experience. “When human beings listen to music, they have a feeling of well-being because the tones harmonize with what they have experienced in the world of their spiritual home” Rudolf Steiner It is an essential art in our time to recover the connection with oneself, with others and with nature.

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On February 3th and 4th we held the Painting Workshop for the Educational Community given by Víctor Mardaras at Fundació Sa Llavor. We open the meeting experimenting through Eurythmy the essential qualities of blue and yellow, of darkness and light. We live its polarities in our movement and gesture, from the deep and dark to the expansive and luminous and vice versa. With the opposite blue triangle and yellow triangle represented on the human figure, the two triangles meet at the center of the chest creating a green diamond, space of freedom. From this place of openness we move and create. Now we are attuned to start painting from pure color. We transit through watercolours the luminous yellow, the serene blue, the willful red. What color do I identify with? Which one lives strongly in me? From that color, we create a composition where we invite other colors to dialogue, seeking balance and harmony in giving and receiving. A new horizon opens when observing the paintings the next day, something that leads us to live the colors from another material. The pastel chalks offer us the possibility of painting softly, creating the spectrum of the 7 colors from the 3 primaries. They open up new paths of expression, new tones and unexpected individual and group discoveries. The colors captured on paper were also able to be experienced in space thanks to the eurythmic movement. The Greek myth of Iris, daughter of Thaumates and Electra, messenger of the gods and goddess of the 7 colors, representative of the invisible and of the union of Heaven and Earth , inspired us to live the movement of color in space, creating and experiencing the gesture of colors, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, indigo. How is the movement of blue? How does it differ from the movement and gesture of yellow? How does red move? We express the qualities and the deepest essence of colors through individual and group movement. An exercise in drawing with charcoal in black and white gave us the experience of creating an object with volume and weight on paper, with lights and shadows. This experience is associated with the history of painting, when the artist manages to give objects and figures their own weight and depth. Finally, after listening to a brief narrative about the origin of the arts, we held a session in which each participant decided freely the materials, format and theme of His painting. Intuition, imagination and artistic inspiration sow the beginning of a new path that encompasses and collects the experience of color and painting.  

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“Music is an Educational Art par excellence, is inserted in the Soul and the form in the Virtue" Plato   On the 3rd and 4th of March we invite you to continue "The path of the human being through the Arts" and immerse yourself in the Art of Music. Take part in the Music Workshop for the Educational Community as part of the Cycle of the 7 Arts presented by the Escuela Cultura of the Fundació Sa Llavor. Music awakens the deepest parts of the human being and activates vital forces and sensitivity. It strengthens the sense of community and solidarity. As an art that is sustained over time, it has a special relationship with the development and evolution of human life. Music lives in the past as an art linked to humanity, and in the future as an artistic healing force that links our cosmic origin with earthly experience, opening doors towards salutogenesis and healing in the human being. - Perceive how music is movement on all levels, in your body, in your soul, in your most spiritual principles. - Experience how music needs an instrument to materialise, either with our innermost instrument, the voice, or with others more external to us, such as the lyre. - Experience some of the planetary and zodiacal qualities in yourself, thanks to melodies and exercises specially created to cultivate self-perception. -Learn about the holistic conception of singing thanks to an in-depth study of the work carried out by the singer Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström.   "Everyone has a voice to sing. Our goal is to discover it, remove the obstacles and free the voice" Valborg Werbeck   More information: escolacultura@sallavor.es Registration here>     JOSÉ SALINAS Musician, Telecommunications Engineer. Trained in Music Therapy, Human Biography and Werbeck Singing. He dedicates himself fully to music, collaborating full-time with different initiatives such as salutogenic choirs, Werbeck singing work groups, conducting youth orchestras, as well as giving music, singing, lyre and violin classes to children and adults. More information: escolacultura@sallavor.es Registration here>

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