Following the period on Greece, two large carvings have been made that will establish the classroom, as reliefs for a temple. Individually, each has embodied an emblem, and the transits between them are connected by a common carved lance. A process that can be resumed in the coming periods.

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Taking as inspiration the Labors of Heracles and his adventures to overcome twelve tests imposed by King Eurystheus and achieve forgiveness from the gods, the girls and boys have created watercolor paintings accompanied by written texts and poems. Two of these stories: "The Birds of Lake Stymphalus" and "The Hydra of Lerna" have been represented within the great play.

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Watercolor is a privileged artistic form for elementary school children, since it allows them to have emotional experiences with color in a fluctuating medium like water. At these ages, the way they create on paper is not important. The recreation of a specific character or scene is not important. Working with paint on wet paper, where the water disperses the colors and does not allow them to define any shape, can be frustrating for some children who have prematurely developed reasoning and intellect. Watercolor works from the heart, from the soul, from the emotions, from the flow. The intellect fails when it wishes to define some form. The master's proposal starts from the character of each color: the expansive force of red, the irradiation of yellow, the protective envelope of blue ... and tells a story, presents some images. In these images, characters or animals may appear, each with its own character and activity. So, we identify each character or animal with each of the colors, by the similarity with the character of each color. Finally, we paint the colors on the paper, and we also paint the interactions that each one has had in the story. The result is not a more or less faithful representation of the characters in the story, but a mixture of colors that illustrates the emotional force that has taken place in that narrative.

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Connect with life Awaken your expressive and artistic abilities Experience the world of formative forces and their qualities Create with your hands in contact with natural materials Live art in community In 2022 starts a new workshop for adults that connects with the essence of art and experiences the artistic process as a journey into the unknown where intuiting and imagining provides us with inspiration and deep learning on a personal and social level. Supported by the pedagogical team of the Fundació Sa Llavor, this training is structured in practical and experiential modules, and is based on the principles of the holistic Sa Llavor pedagogy: Comprehensive development; Freedom and confidence; Connection with life; Community and service to others. Currently, the artistic process that will be presented to the entire Community in 2022 is being carried out with the Foundation team.

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The children of the second cycle have begun the period of arts and crafts. This week they have received Nina Schinneck, an artisan jewellery maker, who has shown them how to work silver to make a ring. First, measurements have been taken of the finger where they will want the ring, then with a hammer, on a hard surface, they have worked the silver to flatten it. Once the strip is made, with a special tool, they have given it a rounded shape. Next they have welded the ring with fire, melting an alignment of copper and silver. To make the joint smooth, the rings have been filed both inside and out. Then they have placed them on the string and, with a plastic hammer, so that it does not break, they have worked the piece until they get perfect circles. The last phase is polishing with a polishing machine, to give it the shimmering and brilliant finish of a real jewel.

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In Sa Llavor, students learn to make a loom with their hands in Nursery, to knit with two needles in the First Cycle of Primary school and in the Second Cycle they learn crochet. We start with the chain and single crochet. The crochet is held in the dominant hand and the yarn in the other. The two hands carry out actions that complement each other and have to perform a very precise task. While with knitting the children strenghten feeling and emotion, with crochet they  awaken will power. This term, the third graders are knitting crocheted caps and bags to carry their water bottles to the forest. The fourth graders have already finished their hats and are starting to make a flute bag.

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"Embracing infinity in the palm of your hand" William Blake Endless are the possibilities offered by clay modelling, one of the oldest artistic activities of mankind. The so-called "art of the gods" awakens us as human beings and makes us dream as creator gods. Our hands become wonderful instruments, capable of granting harmony and beauty to matter. From the forces of expansion and contraction, present in nature and visible in the concave and convex, we have modelled the movement fixed to the forms. Modelling strengthens our will, teaches us to overcome difficulties, to transform and create, to develop learning that can be applied in many life situations

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"If the eye were not solar in nature, how could we see light?" J.W. Goethe The miracle of light creates and undoes forms, the embrace of shadows give body and volume to the intangible. The study of light and shadow has fascinated mystics, artists, scientists, and philosophers, joining in admiration and reverence for this divine phenomenon. To draw and capture light and shadow on paper requires observation, contemplation, perseverance, care and patience, as well as the development of a delicate and precise manual technique. Using only pencil and charcoal, 3rd Cycle of Primary students have learned to create volumes from the contrast of light and dark, light and shadow. Developing sensitivity towards subtle shades of grey and contrasting effects, they have drawn spheres, cubes, pyramids and cylinders in the natural world, conveniently placed to highlight lights and shadows. It is a beautiful feeling to catch a ray of light and a shadow on paper. We share some inspiring quotes from the students about the process: "There are no lines, only light and darkness. The forest is black as night. A ray of light, all joy. In the depths of the sea everything is darkness, except for the lantern fish." "Light and darkness give shape to drawings. Light and shadow give perspective." "The darkness makes the light stand out, like the clouds in the blue sky." "There are no lines, there is only shadow and light and shapes, nothing else. Without light there would be no shadow, without light there should only be darkness. That is why you need light, the light that goes from one side so that there is shadow on the other. Without light you cannot draw ". "The light falls on the forms. Below is darkness. And in the middle there is shadow." "The darkness makes the light stand out, like when a human being writes his words on a white sheet." "Without darkness there is no light and without light there is no darkness."

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Ancient Greece and its search for beauty, balance and harmony in art, has been the source of inspiration for this clay modelling process, carried out with the third cycle of Primary Education. This journey back in time begins in 1250 BC, creating a bas-relief inspired by the legendary Lion Gate, access to the acropolis of Mycenae. We continue the journey modelling the forms of the Greek orders; Doric, Ionic and Corinthian, three styles of columns that show the subtle and elegant sense present in the Hellenic world. We could not forget the beautiful ceramics with their different and stylized designs, so we modelled amphora, kilix and other vessels, decorating them with Greek techniques and styles. We culminated the journey with the group construction of a miniature temple, based on the sanctuary of Égina and the Parthenon, consecrated to Athena and a symbol of perfect harmony.

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