"Nature must become an art and art a second Nature"  Novalis   7 ARTS ARTISTIC WORKSHOPS FOR THE EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITY 2022-23 The artistic process fosters freedom, activates genuine thought, awakens sensitivity and creative action. It opens up an imaginative space that facilitates experimentation and knowledge. It shows us the path of perception and dialogue, the connection with oneself, with others and with Nature.   Schedule: Fridays from 5pm to 8pm // Saturdays from 10am to 1:30pm // 2:30pm to 5pm.   Venue: Fundació Sa Llavor: Fundació Sa Llavor. Plaça Metge Borràs, 3. Binissalem. Mallorca   Requirements:  This training is open to anyone, with no need for previous artistic training.      It is possible to participate in the workshops independently   Created and designed by: Escuela Cultura Team - Fundació Sa Llavor   Escuela Cultura Team   Sofía Sevilla Eurythmist, trained at West Midland Eurythmy School, UK and Eurythmy School in Madrid. Degree in Artistic and Pedagogical Eurythmy from the Performing Arts Section of the Goetheanum, Dornach. Biologist, doctorate in Botany and Education for Sustainability. Specialist in Steiner Pedagogy and Biodynamics. Coordinator and teacher of Holistic Education, Science and Performing Arts Projects in Primary and Secondary Education and teacher training. Co-founder of the Fundació Sa Llavor.   Victor Mardaras Multidisciplinary artist trained at Emerson College, UK. Specialist in Biodynamics and Steiner Pedagogy. Gamelan Orchestra Teacher, Indonesian Traditional Music. Coordinator and teacher in the development of Artistic Processes in Primary and Secondary Education and teacher training. Co-founder of the Sa Llavor Foundation.   Irene Sevilla Speech Art Artist. Specialist in Steiner Pedagogy and Dramatic Art. Member of an action-research group led by Sarah Kane in UK in the field of Creative Speech and Interpretation according to the Chekhov Method. Psychologist, specialized in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and the needs of children and adolescents. Trained in INPP (Neuro-Physiological Psychology). Coordinator and teacher in the design of the Artistic Process in Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary Education and Teacher Training. Co-founder of the Sa Llavor Foundation.   Guests   1 // 25th-26th November, 2022 // Architecture: Forms Disappear in Forms The landscape and the elements that shape it are reflected in the local architecture. A dialogue is created between periphery and centre, between landscape and architecture. With the perception of our senses we discover these relationships. Through eurythmic movement and modelling we evoke the possibilities of artistic research that pays special attention to form and space.   Guest: Rudolf Kaesbach Born in 1950 in Rio de Janeiro. Studied architecture and sculpture in Zurich and Dornach. Director of sculpture training at Emerson College (UK) for 30 years. Travels all over the world conducting art workshops with the aim of revaluing the importance of art for education and social transformation.   For more information here> Registration here>   2 // 13th-14th January, 2023 // Sculpture: The future rests in the past It is not the singular form, but the process, which fosters creativity, allows us to enter into process thinking and embark on creative action.