“Through a deepening of social life a new understanding of the human being will be found that will permeate human and social development for Evolution” Rudolf Steiner   POSTGRADUATE PROGRAM  EURYTHMY IN SOCIAL AND WORKING LIFE   Escuela Cultura offers a Postgraduate Program in Eurythmy in Social and Working Life with TERESA MAZZEI as Social Eurythmy Leader.   The development of the inner aspect of the social question through Eurythmy can establish a healthy dynamic relationship when as human beings we meet other human beings, and must reach the stage of an evolved and conscious social organism.   The goal of the Program The aim of the Postgraduate Program is to acquire sensitivity, images, knowledge and tools to start or to nourish the work as a eurythmist with companies or any other organisations in which the attention to individual people goes side by side with the attention to the social organism that they create. By social organism we refer to all companies or associations, or other organised context such as teams, collegium, study groups, ethical purchasing groups and so on, in which several people come together with a more or less complex organisation to achieve something that otherwise alone would not be possible to put on the ground. When working with Eurythmy in this field we can contribute, in a conscious and targeted way, to the development of both: the individual and the social organism, at the same time. Although an important part of the Program is dedicated to providing concrete exercises ‐ precious material acquired over the years largely by Annemarie Ehrlich (EWL Institute, Den Haag, The Netherlands) ‐ we don’t mean to provide recipes. The goal is that everyone develops their own sensitivity and relationship in respect with the social organism, to become able to evaluate and intervene with awareness and competence in situations she/he may encounter, dialoguing and “speaking the language” of the people who work there.  For example in the Program, we will meet some “words” that are often used when we work together, such as effectiveness and efficiency, team building, responsibility and delegation, motivation, process development, process owner, vision, organisational culture, feedback, information system, change management, leadership styles, job rotation and other more; we will connect them to the work that we can do through Eurythmy. The same will be for some of the soft skills that are required in social and working fields. For this, the Program has also parts of practising in creating and leading exercises as well as opportunities to be tutored in real project   Why use Eurythmy in social and working contexts as a specific Postgraduate Program? Each social organism lives in a constant movement and develops out of movement - as much as simple or complex it could be, each organisation ‐ through the people who work in it ‐ is born, grows, goes through phases, and can even end; it therefore acquires a life, an ability to learn and evolve, through the people that work in or around, but it is