"There are only colours left and in them clarity, the essence, which is that elevation of the earth towards the sun, that breathing of the depths towards love."   Paul Cezanne     On the 3rd and 4th of February we held at Sa Llavor the Artistic Painting Workshop for the Educational Community within the Cycle of the 7 Arts "The path of the human being through the arts" presented by the School of Culture of the Sa Llavor Foundation. Painting is colour, light and darkness, form and void, image and symbol, movement and rest. How to make visible in the world the unlimited, the eternal, the invisible? Through the essential and expressive qualities of colour, light and shadow and different pictorial techniques and resources, we open the way to imagination and inspiration, sources of conscious creation. -Discover the purity of colours and their enormous expressive possibilities. -Learn different techniques and experiment with watercolour, pastel or charcoal. -Access the imagination and experience an intuitive and inspiring process. -Develop the art of contemplation and create in community. Painting, drawing, observing colour and shapes, balances, harmonises and enriches the connection with oneself, with others and with nature. The artistic process encourages freedom, activates genuine thought, awakens sensitivity and creative action. It opens an imaginative space that facilitates experimentation and knowledge.     VÍCTOR MARDARAS The Painting Workshop is taught by Víctor Mardaras. Multidisciplinary artist trained at Emerson College, UK. Specialist in Steiner and Biodynamic Pedagogy. Teacher of Gamelan Orchestra. Coordinator and teacher in the creation and development of Artistic Processes in Primary and Secondary Education and Teacher Training. Co-founder of the Fundació Sa Llavor.   More information: Inscription here>