Experiment the 7 arts of the human being, Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Music, Art of the Word, Eurythmy and Social Art, through artistic processes, Goethean observation, movement and word. Participate in a space of individual and collective action, creation and free thought. Live eight meetings of which seven meetings are held at the Fundació Sa Llavor, Binissalem, Mallorca and the eighth at the Goetheanum, Dornach. Start the path of the human being through the Arts from November 2022 to July 2023 in monthly weekend meetings.   7 meetings // 7 weekends (Friday to Saturday) eighth meeting at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland   Dates: November 25, 2022 to July 8, 2023   Schedule: Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m // Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m   Presentation of the program: Tuesday, November 22nd from 5 to 6:30 p.m. with Rudolf Kaesbach   Thematic presentation open to the public: Thursday from 7pm to 8pm before the monthly meeting   Requirements: This training is open to everyone, without the need for previous artistic training In the process of approval by the Department of Education, Culture and Universities of the Balearic Islands as Permanent Teacher Training   Place: Sa Llavor Foundation. Plaça Metge Borràs, 3. Binissalem. Majorca   Organize: Escuela Cultura - Sa Llavor Foundation, Mallorca Gotheanum, Dornach, Switzerland   Training Program Meeting 1 // November 25th-26th // Architecture: Forms disappear into forms // Guest: Rudolf Kaesbach Meeting 2 // January 13th-14th // Sculpture: The future rests in the past // Guest: Rudolf Kaesbach Meeting 3 // February 3rd-4th // Painting: Limit yourself, oh! Unlimited // Guest: Víctor Mardaras Meeting 4 // March 3rd-4th // Music: Holds on the held // Guest: José Salinas Meeting 5 // April 21st-22nd // Art of the word: Listen to the texture of forces // Guest: Severino Airoldi Meeting 6 // 19th-20th May // Eurythmy: Reveal the invisible // Guest: Carina Schmid Meeting 7 // June 30th-July 1st // Social art: Move the instinct of resting Meeting 8 (Optional) // July 2023 // Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland // The seven arts in dialogue: Bring light to calm   Download the full program here>   Cost of the program Registration: 180€ (to formalize the registration to the program) Six fees of 180€ (material included) (gener, febrer, març, abril, maig i juny de 2023) Important: The trip to the Goetheanum, Dornach, is not included in the price.   Information and registrations Information: Registrations: Registration form here>   Escuela Cultura, a transformative impulse created from the initiative and active research lines that identify the holistic and pioneering project of Education, Art and Culture of the Fundació Sa Llavor, is a space for human encounter that promotes Art and connection with Nature encourages cultural exchange and awakens the creative forces of intuition, imagination and inspiration, seeds for evolution and social transformation.  

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During these four weeks, the first cycle group has experienced the drawing of shapes from movements that arise in nature based on line and curve. First they have experienced vertical, horizontal, diagonal, long, short, intermittent, curved and winding straight lines. Meanwhile, the second group has been introduced to mirror shapes that combine the different straight lines or curves experienced last year.

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In this period, the 3rd and 4th class experienced geometrical shapes and linear, curved and woven forms. Different activities were implemented to raise the awareness for the forms, explore the movement and cultivate the imagination through connecting different senses. Before drawing it in their notebooks, the children laid the form with materials like stones, acorns or sticks, walked and traced it and drew it on small black boards with chalk. “In this way one educates the child toward a real feeling for form, toward a feeling for harmony, for symmetry, and toward a feeling of relationships. In this way one can guide the child into those harmonies which also exist in the world around us”. Rudolf Steiner

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Class 5th and 6th began the term remembering the Illiad and reviewed certain stories of Achilles and positioned themselves in Ancient Greece. Throughout the block they have learned about Alexander the Great, and through his life story they have understood the wars and battles of his time, travelled the route of his conquered territories and learnt a little about what it would have been like to live in his time. As the block was in English, they have used it to improve speech, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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Following the period on Greece, two large carvings have been made that will establish the classroom, as reliefs for a temple. Individually, each has embodied an emblem, and the transits between them are connected by a common carved lance. A process that can be resumed in the coming periods.

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"Music is the true universal language" Weber "Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flights to the imagination, consolation to sadness and life and joy to all things" Plato Last year we had the privilege of accompanying the beginning of many students with their instrument. We could feel how their skills were developing, their hands coordinating, their ears listening, and their will serving as an impulse so that all that learning was built and put at their service. This course we continue on the path, so that other students can experience a similar process and so that those who continue can grow with their instrument. This project aims to facilitate access to the study of a musical instrument during school hours. All students from 4th to 6th grade of Primary School have the opportunity to choose an instrument and practice individually with a professional musician, in 30-minute slots. This course we also offer to the groups of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade of Primary Education the possibility of studying an instrument in slots of 30 minutes per week from 3 to 4pm. that can be combined with the Afternoon Care activity in the Library. Price: €50/month half an hour per week Information and registration: Below we detail the instruments and a small presentation of each professional.   Coordinator and piano: Ainhoa ​​Azócar I started studying piano when I was about 8 years old. Since then it has been a life partner. I studied at the Madrid Conservatory, obtaining the title of piano teacher. I have worked in several music schools. My curiosity has led me to explore different methodologies (Orff, Gordon, Dalcroze), where the pedagogical approach to music is made in a more global way, starting from the body and experience as a starting point for achieve knowledge At the same time, my professional work has been focused on the field of psychology.   Piano: Javier Santos I have studied piano and other instruments since childhood, receiving training in both classical and jazz music. I studied music pedagogy at the Palma Conservatory. I have been a composer, teacher and swing dancer for over ten years and have been part of several musical bands. Teaching has been with me all my life, and I am always looking for ways for my students to feel comfortable, enjoy and advance in the learning process, through games, improvisations or activities of all kinds.   Transverse flute: Marta Alcover I started playing the flute when I was nine and haven't stopped since. He has always been curious to improve the technique and musicality of my instrument. I love playing repertoire of all styles, especially baroque music. I also like to learn from my students. They have been and are little great teachers! Outside of music, I like to enjoy long walks in the Serra de Tramuntana. The mountain is my home, where I feel embraced by the silence and the immense presence of nature.   Saxophone: Nerea Crespo I was born

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New care service for children from 5 years to 6th grade from Monday to Thursday from 3 to 4 pm in the School Library. Afternoon Care is the new space offered this year to the School's families, from Monday to Thursday from 3 to 4 p.m., after school hours. For the youngest, Afternoon Care provides with a caring and warm environment to accompany them in the game and the discovery of books and reading. The older ones have a quiet space for homework and projects and where to enjoy reading or board games. They can also join artistic painting and drawing activities. In addition, they have a small snack based on almonds, raisins and fruit.   Ages: From 5 years old and up to 6th grade of Primary Schedule: Monday to Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Price: €113 per month (€88 siblings) €8 per day (€7 siblings) Information and registration: Sa Llavor Foundation. Plaça Metge Borràs, 3. Binissalem. Majorca Professional responsible for the activity: Silvia Manzano: Early Childhood Education Teacher, Doula and Doula Trainer, Gestalt Therapist. Trained in Holistic Pedagogy, specialist in Body Communication, infant massage, CranioSacral therapy and Infant Reflexology. Responsible for the School Library at the Fundació Sa Llavor.  

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There are experiences to be made; plant a tree, write a book, do your first 3-day trek at 12 years old. An experience that leaves no one indifferent, where everything that happens helps us take out what we carry inside and makes us grow a little more as people. From Deià to Tossals Verds, passing through Sollér, Barranc de Biniaraix, Cúber reservoir, Font des Noguer and Font de Prat. Where we enjoyed a bath in Llucalcari or a lemonade in the possession of Son Mico. They have made their first journey, some thought they would not be able to, others expressed it openly, but all have achieved what they thought was almost impossible, to overcome themselves in the face of all the difficulties and challenges they have encountered. during the journey, where they have felt that they have grown up and the look of what we have every day has changed. After weeks of looking back what is left are very intense, fun and exciting memories, which will always be with us. After the crossing for sure something has changed!

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Taking as inspiration the Labors of Heracles and his adventures to overcome twelve tests imposed by King Eurystheus and achieve forgiveness from the gods, the girls and boys have created watercolor paintings accompanied by written texts and poems. Two of these stories: "The Birds of Lake Stymphalus" and "The Hydra of Lerna" have been represented within the great play.

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Seeing a craftsman use his hands to transform the raw material and turn it into a useful or decorative product is for children like a magic gesture. They are amazed and admired by the incredible ability of the craftsman to create so easily and quickly that product that they now have before their eyes, when a few minutes ago it was a pile of mud, wool, wicker, leather, or a piece of wood or iron. They have the ability to admire the wonders that surround us: those of nature and those that human beings are able to create. Children scrutinize every move, gesture and attitude of the craftsman. Then they enjoy picking up tools and materials and imitating exactly the same movements they just observed. If they are allowed to experiment, they discover that it is not as easy as it seemed and that all creation requires practice, patience and perseverance. Then, they value even more the skill and knowledge of the craftsman. We have been visited by 3 artisans: -In Pere Parets, espadrilles. -Antonella Farris, tin specialist. -In Raül Blanco, carpenter and teacher of the school. Thank you for your collaboration!

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