On Saturday, November 30 we celebrate the Open doors day at the Sa Llavor Foundation from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. It will be a day to share with the family and to open the doors of our home to the entire community. There will be workshops for all ages, storytelling, craft market, books and pedagogical material sale, exhibitions of works made by students, vegetarian and organic food, music, school guided tours for new families and many more surprises. Schedule of activities: 11'00 a.m. Doors opening 11'15 a.m. Musical opening 11:30 a.m. Guided tour / Family workshops 1'15 p.m. Storytelling 1'30 p.m. Organic and vegetarian restaurant service 3'15 p.m. Musical closing 3'30 p.m. Closing

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A group of students from Sa Llavor travelled to Forres, North Scotland, as part of a student exchange. During ten days we have had the opportunity of being part of their school activities, being inspired by their local history, songs, games, and nature activities. We believe that the opportunity of immersing into a new culture is a great learning as a well a life experience. Leo: “What I value the most about my trip to Scotland it is the experience of knowing new people, a new country and the opportunity of being part of the culture by living together with a Scottish family”. Mia: “It is difficult to highlight what I most value of my trip to Scotland. If I have to choose one thing, I think it would be the friendship, all the new people that I have met and all the things that they taught me about their country, their culture, their history and their landscapes. In my opinion Scotland was an amazing place where I would love to return”. Sharan: “What I liked about the trip to Scotland was the green landscape with different animals like the Highland cows and horses. The Scottish houses have gardens with many flowers and even decorative Gnomes. I would like to come back to that evergreen country called Scotland”. Jan: “I liked the trip to Scotland a lot because I saw a very different country. This trip helped me to know what it would be like to live in a place where you can only communicate in English and how it would be to live in a different country. Blai: “The thing I most value about the trip to Scotland is taking the first step towards my independence and everything that I learn when traveling to a new country”.

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