Activates a lively, innovative thought and creator of new ideas in the learning process     We are happy to announce that the next 2023/24 academic year the Fundació Sa Llavor offers: Compulsory Secondary Education, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade, approved by the Ministry of Education of the Balearic Islands. We open the new registration period for the 23/24 academic year. We thank all the people who have made it possible. First Approved Center in Holistic Pedagogy based on the Goethean vision of the world and the essential needs of the different evolutionary stages of Rudolf Steiner's holistic Pedagogy . At Sa Llavor we cultivate, through the learning process, free and KINDLY ACTION that strengthens the will; artistic SENSITIVITY and the perception of BEAUTY that develops the feeling of the global and the particular; free and genuine THINKING, capable of creating new ideas and nurturing the world of TRUTH. The four pillars of Sa Llavor Pedagogy are the compass on the educational path: 1. Comprehensive Education 2. Freedom and Trust 3. Connection with Life 4. Community and Service to Others

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On March 3rd and 4th we held the Music Workshop for the Educational Community led by José Salinas, music teacher, orchestra , violin, lyre and singing Werbeck. What is the essence of music? We start with the purely rhythmic and walk to the beat to integrate rhythm, awakening the foundation for the musical. We performed intricate rhythmic patterns using body percussion, gradually leading us towards melody, voice and image, eventually leading to song. We sang in chorus and the melodic opened a space of amplitude in the feeling and the expressive. The melodies and songs allowed us to travel through different landscapes of melancholy, mystery, joy, serenity and joy. The canon voices created harmony in community, through different styles and eras. The Workshop has allowed us to live that we are a musical instrument. And the question arises where does music come from? Go where you can't, look where you see nothing, hears where it doesn't sound and light will have your being.

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