It is November and the light of the long summer days is fading little by little. The leaves of the trees begin to dress in golden colors before detaching and covering the ground in browns, yellows and reds. At this time, when the light from outside begins to weaken, we take shelter in our homes and turn on the light inside. It is at this time that we celebrate the lantern festival as a community, as a symbol of the flame that shines within and the warmth that emanates from our hearts.

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Last year some students from the school planted wheat. This year we have closed the cycle with the making of bread in 4th, 5th and 6th grade of primary school. They have ground wheat grain to extract various types of flour: wholemeal and white. They have made a sourdough starting from scratch from apples and honey, to which we have "fed" flour until it can be used as yeast. They have also learned to knead and shape bread. Sourdough is an exciting journey through three fermentations: alcoholic, lactic and acetic. Each one of them will transmit a unique flavor and aroma to the bread. In addition, the sourdough makes the crumb more moist and the crust tasty and crunchy for longer. Each sourdough has its peculiarities, it is something alive and unrepeatable, and making bread with it is an adventure that sometimes takes you down unexpected paths. Only by knowing your sourdough will you get the bread you want. There are sourdoughs that, like good wines, can last for years, accompanying you throughout life and making it a little more delicious.   “Pan, con harina, agua y fuego te levantas, espeso y leve, recostado y redondo, milagro repetido, voluntad de la vida La tierra, la belleza, el amor. Todo eso tiene sabor de pan Todo nació para ser compartido, para ser entregado, para multiplicarse. Entonces también la vida tendrá forma de pan, será simple y profunda, innumerable y pura.” Pablo Neruda

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This year we start Escuela Cultura, a meeting space that encourages artistic creation, fosters cultural exchange and awakens the creative forces of intuition, imagination and inspiration, seeds of social transformation. We present the projects that have already germinated in Escuela Cultura: -Integrated Music School -Workshops -Artistic Formation -Craft School -Learning Community -Artistic Call

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"Music is to the soul what the gym is to the body" Plato Since we are in our mother's womb, music is present. When parents want to express affection, they sing and rock their baby, creating an atmosphere of love, protection and beauty. Music is part of us, of our roots, of our ancestors, of our first forms of communication. Music has an unimaginable power to move and transform us. At the same time, music rests on a structure where order reigns, since one of its components is rhythm, which is present in all manifestations of life; when we walk, when we breathe, when our heart beats, when a horse gallops, when the waves crash, ... The rhythm gives us anchorage, security, confidence. In this way, music is woven from an ethereal, subtle, intangible material, and on the other, it is organized and supported in a consistent and structured framework. The two polarities emerge. Hence, at a neuroscientific level, a lot of research has been done in which they show how music impacts both cerebral hemispheres, in our limbic, cognitive and sensory systems. Learning to play an instrument makes all these qualities develop. From the physical and corporal point of view, it involves great coordination and dexterity, for which a strong will is needed to allow us to meet the challenges it proposes to us. On an emotional level, you only need to listen to a melody to realize the profound impact it has on our emotions, on our imagination, how it makes us connect with our listening, with our feelings, making us live a journey to the deepest territories of our being. On a cognitive level, it develops attention, concentration, reasoning ability, order, creativity, ... Playing an instrument is discovering, astonishing yourself, getting lost in unsuspected paths, wanting to climb the highest mountains, is having a friend forever. The School of Integrated Music has the objective of facilitating the access of students to the study of a music instrument during school hours. All students from 4th to 6th grade of Primary School have the possibility of choosing an instrument and practicing individually with a professional musician, in 30-minute weekly slots organized within school hours. The instruments offered are the following: Cello Violin Saxophone Flute Guitar Piano Private instrument classes in after school hours for children from other courses and adults: Private instrument classes are also offered in the afternoon from 3:00 p.m. for children from other courses and adults. If you want to receive more information, you can contact the person in charge of the Integrated Music School:

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Weekly activities outside of school hours that respect the pedagogical vision of the school. Start: October 2021   Storytelling in English "Storytelling" is an ancient art that was born to describe images and transmit messages of wisdom, orally, in a creative and inspiring environment. The workshop is taught in English through stories, putting “listening & understanding” into practice. Children interpret the stories with the work of “speaking & speech” where they learn new vocabulary and practice pronunciation. Within the learning process we develop the performing arts: theater, music and corporal expression. Ages: from 1st year of Primary (small groups) Teacher: Sunia Mardaras (bilingual English / Spanish) Schedule: From 1st to 3rd grade of Primary - Monday from 3pm to 4pm From 4th to 6th of Primary - Wednesday from 3pm to 4pm Price: € 40 / month Registration: // 646920661   Sewing Create your own textile designs with the sewing technique developing creativity and personal initiative. Ages: from 1st of Primary Teacher: Petra Dum Schedule: Monday from 3pm to 4pm Price: € 40 / month Registration: Start Monday, October 11th.   Guitar and songs // Poetry writting Group creation workshops: one for those who already can play the guitar and want to accompany songs and play in a group, and another for those who want to start a creative process of poetic expression and writing. Ages: from 16 years old (limited places) Teacher: Toni Verd Schedule: Biweekly workshops. Monday from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Price: € 20 / month two sessions Registration: Start Monday, October 11th.   Yoga-story Through prompts that emerge from stories, songs, or games, children begin to become aware of their body and movement capabilities. In the class, in an indirect and playful way, they work the phases of the yoga work sessions: warm-up, breathing, stretching, concentration, development, relaxation. Ages: from 1st of Primary Teacher: Estrella del Pozo Schedule: Tuesday from 3pm to 4pm. Price: € 40 / month Registration: Start Tuesday, October 19th.   Chi kung Qi gong and meditation to relax and increase your defenses. A part of the class will take place in the garden. Ages: adults Teachers: Gemma Villanueva and Pedro Taberner Schedule: Monday from 5pm to 7pm or Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm Price: € 40 / month Registration: whatsapp a 628775939 / 622818283 Start Monday, October 4th.   Theatre Through improvisation and theatrical game we will learn basic concepts of theater such as the notion of dramatic conflict, acting listening, action-reaction, acceptance, presence on stage... Ages: from 8 years Lecturer: Joana Castell Schedule: Thursday from 3pm to 4.30pm. Price: € 40 / month Registration: Start Thursday, October 14th.   Gamelan Participate in the creation of a new Gamelan group. Learn to play the instruments of this light, festive, deep and meditative Indonesian music. He is part of one of the few active orchestras in Europe. No musical experience is necessary. Ages: from 16 years old. Hours: Thursday from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Price: € 50

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Connect with life Awaken your expressive and artistic abilities Experience the world of formative forces and their qualities Create with your hands in contact with natural materials Live art in community In 2022 starts a new workshop for adults that connects with the essence of art and experiences the artistic process as a journey into the unknown where intuiting and imagining provides us with inspiration and deep learning on a personal and social level. Supported by the pedagogical team of the Fundació Sa Llavor, this training is structured in practical and experiential modules, and is based on the principles of the holistic Sa Llavor pedagogy: Comprehensive development; Freedom and confidence; Connection with life; Community and service to others. Currently, the artistic process that will be presented to the entire Community in 2022 is being carried out with the Foundation team.

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La Escuela Artesana is a new project that begins this fall in Sa Llavor. A contemporary craft school where you can learn the art of basketry, wool, tapestry, wood, iron and llata with the most inspiring teachers in Mallorca. List of courses, information and registration here>

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We open the doors of the school, the garden and the forest with periodic meetings for the entire school community where we can meet, share and learn, in a festive atmosphere. We believe that it is a good time to take care of and strengthen ties and give strength to the Learning Community of which we are all part, families and team. Date of the first meeting: Saturday, October 30th, 2021 Proposal: Plant and sponsor a tree in the forest and shared food in the school garden Organized by: Forest Project (Pau Roig and Joana Castell)

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What is around me, is it inside or outside? Beginning is the word at the top of this newsletter and it is also the word with which we want to say goodbye today. We launch a proposal to start something. An artistic call aimed at the entire Community, based on the poetry book "Alrededor" edited by Edicions Sa Llavor and the question: What is around me, is it inside or outside? People who want to participate can come to the Foundation office and they will give you a free copy of the book "Alrededor", so that you can read it and find inspiration, inside or outside of poetry, inside or outside of yourself. All the works presented will be exhibited in the Hibernacle exhibition hall of the Fundació Sa Llavor. Rules: Artistic work on any medium Theme or source of inspiration: "Alrededor", Edicions Sa Llavor. What is around me, is it inside or outside? Submission deadline: Friday, January 21st, 2022 Required information: Full name of the author, title of the work and technique used Opening of the exhibition: Saturday, February 26th, 2022 Information and registration:

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