“Music is to the soul what the gym is to the body”

Since we are in our mother’s womb, music is present. When parents want to express affection, they sing and rock their baby, creating an atmosphere of love, protection and beauty. Music is part of us, of our roots, of our ancestors, of our first forms of communication. Music has an unimaginable power to move and transform us.

At the same time, music rests on a structure where order reigns, since one of its components is rhythm, which is present in all manifestations of life; when we walk, when we breathe, when our heart beats, when a horse gallops, when the waves crash, … The rhythm gives us anchorage, security, confidence.

In this way, music is woven from an ethereal, subtle, intangible material, and on the other, it is organized and supported in a consistent and structured framework. The two polarities emerge. Hence, at a neuroscientific level, a lot of research has been done in which they show how music impacts both cerebral hemispheres, in our limbic, cognitive and sensory systems.

Learning to play an instrument makes all these qualities develop. From the physical and corporal point of view, it involves great coordination and dexterity, for which a strong will is needed to allow us to meet the challenges it proposes to us. On an emotional level, you only need to listen to a melody to realize the profound impact it has on our emotions, on our imagination, how it makes us connect with our listening, with our feelings, making us live a journey to the deepest territories of our being. On a cognitive level, it develops attention, concentration, reasoning ability, order, creativity, … Playing an instrument is discovering, astonishing yourself, getting lost in unsuspected paths, wanting to climb the highest mountains, is having a friend forever.

The School of Integrated Music has the objective of facilitating the access of students to the study of a music instrument during school hours.
All students from 4th to 6th grade of Primary School have the possibility of choosing an instrument and practicing individually with a professional musician, in 30-minute weekly slots organized within school hours.

The instruments offered are the following:

Cello: Elisabetta Monacelli
Violin: Annie Christmas
Saxophone and flute: Thomas Fontín
Guitar: Toni Verd
Piano: Ainhoa ​​Azócar

Price: € 40 / month half hour per week
Registration: Fundació Office (
Information: (Ainhoa ​​Azócar)

Private instrument classes in after school hours for children from other courses and adults:
Private instrument classes are also offered in the afternoon from 3:00 p.m. for children from other courses and adults.
If you want to receive more information, you can contact the person in charge of the Integrated Music School, Ainhoa ​​Azócar (

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