“Living things feed on food, and food feeds on rain, rain is likewise the water of life, which comes from worship and selfless service.” - Bhagavad Gita In Sanskrit language there is a word that means serving others in a selfless way: it’s called Seva. Service to others is a very important concept in Hindu philosophy. It is an act of love, compassion and caring for others and oneself. The sacred text Bhagavad Gita encourages the service of others as a way of developing spiritually, since in Hinduism, when you are serving others, you are actually serving God. “O son of Prtha, there is no work prescribed for Me within all the three planetary systems. Nor am I in want of anything, nor have I need to obtain anything—and yet I am engaged in work. For, if I did not engage in work, O Partha, certainly all men would follow My path. If I should cease to work, then all these worlds would be put to ruination. I would also be the cause of creating unwanted population, and I would thereby destroy the peace of all sentient beings. As the ignorant perform their duties with attachment to results, similarly the learned may also act, but without attachment, for the sake of leading people on the right path.” Performing Seva is a task that poses a lot of challenges. Certain aspects of service to others can bring up difficulties or brakes and, in working them, become a powerful tool for people to learn more about themselves and, from here, interconnect with the community, creating a constantly evolving network, based on the culture of kindness and cooperation. That is why the Community Service is one of the four pillars of the Sa Llavor Foundation. In this way, children learn the value of service to others and understand education as a way for social transformation.

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“The Buddhist point of view takes the function of work to be at least threefold: to give a man a chance to utilise and develop his faculties; to enable him to overcome his ego-centredness by joining with other people in a common task; and to bring forth the goods and services needed for a becoming existence” - Small is beautiful: Economics as if people mattered. E. F. Schumacher In the Foundation we have already started the Volunteer Groups, a project developed together with the team of delegates with the aim of creating a channel and a space for collaboration between the Foundation and families. Each group will be self-managed, will have a coordinator by the school and one by the families and will be dedicated to a specific task: cleaning, restoration, library, garden and forest, maintenance, creative processes and events. Many of these groups are already active and functioning and others need more volunteer hands. From the Foundation we firmly believe in a circular economy project where the whole community can benefit from the project, donating their time, but also receiving workshops, training, knowledge and a space of connection with themselves and with others.

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“The Art of Peace is a celebration of the bonding between heaven, earth and humankind. It is all that is true, good and beautiful.” Morihei Ueshiba 1. Integral Education: the purpose of Aikido, as martial art, is the integral education of the human being. The development of a healthy, focused, relaxed and connected body; that houses a heart full of fertile seeds, waiting to germinate. A clear and serene mind that favours the refining of the spirit and the connection with the whole. 2. Freedom, trust and respect: freedom can be experienced by flowing with a circular and continuous movement like the orbits of the stars; confidence in having a heart that can house enemies, since a free being cannot be damaged. Respect takes different forms in the virtues of the ancient samurai. Self respect, honorability; respect for others, courtesy and benevolence; and respect for the environment, justice and honesty. 3. Connection with life: in the words of O'Sensei,"those who practice the Art of Peace must protect the domain of Mother Nature, the divine reflection of creation, and keep it lovely and fresh. Warriorship gives birth to natural beauty. The subtle techniques of a warrior arise as naturally as the appearance of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Warriorship is none other than the vitality that sustains all life”. 4. Community and service to others: Aikido works from cooperation, non-resistance; it is not a fighting technique, but a way to find peace in your own life, reconcile the world and make humanity a great family.

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Un día a la semana las niñas y los niños de infantil hacen el pan para la escuela fomentando la colaboración y el servicio a los demás. Haciendo el pan participan en un proceso de transformación en el que intervienen los cuatro elementos: tierra (harina), agua, aire (levadura) y fuego (el horno). Comprenden cuál es el origen y el proceso del alimento que luego se comerán.

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Cada dijous, els nins i les nines de primer anam a l'hort: un màgic jardí en el qual ens endinsam per descobrir els secrets de la vida, de les plantes, de les flors i dels animalets. Amb les nostres mans i la nostra il·lusió treballam junts la terra, amb delicadesa i força, amb paciència i amor… per cultivar i recollir tot el que l'hort ofereix i compartir-ho amb la comunitat.

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Con la llegada del periodo de teatro, el grupo de 2º y 3º de primaria ha volcado sus energías en preparar parte del atrezo para la obra de teatro de La Odisea. De esta manera se han sumergido en el proceso realizando diferentes grupos de trabajo, algunos dedicados al vestuario y otros a la escenografía, fomentando el trabajo en equipo y el servicio a la comunidad.

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El pasado 7 de mayo alumnos de ESO colaboraron en el taller de cestería del programa de Formación en Pedagogía Sa Llavor. Enseñaron a maestros de diferentes escuelas de Baleares, Cataluña y Canarias el proceso de tejer con cuerda para crear cestas. ¡Gracias por vuestra ayuda!

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Las niñas y los niños de 4º y 5º de primaria se están encargando de seleccionar y clasificar por categorías literarias los más de 300 libros que ha donado el Ayuntamiento de Mancor de la Vall para ampliar la biblioteca Sa Llavor, para el disfrute y aprendizaje de toda la comunidad. Es maravilloso observar la pasión que despierta la lectura a la hora de tomar la iniciativa en esta actividad y las pequeñas sorpresas que aguarda cada nueva caja que abrimos. Hemos disfrutado mucho con este servicio a la comunidad.

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