“Music is an Educational Art par excellence,
is inserted in the Soul and the form in the Virtue”



On the 3rd and 4th of March we invite you to continue “The path of the human being through the Arts” and immerse yourself in the Art of Music.

Take part in the Music Workshop for the Educational Community as part of the Cycle of the 7 Arts presented by the Escuela Cultura of the Fundació Sa Llavor.

Music awakens the deepest parts of the human being and activates vital forces and sensitivity. It strengthens the sense of community and solidarity.

As an art that is sustained over time, it has a special relationship with the development and evolution of human life.

Music lives in the past as an art linked to humanity, and in the future as an artistic healing force that links our cosmic origin with earthly experience, opening doors towards salutogenesis and healing in the human being.

– Perceive how music is movement on all levels, in your body, in your soul, in your most spiritual principles.

– Experience how music needs an instrument to materialise, either with our innermost instrument, the voice, or with others more external to us, such as the lyre.

– Experience some of the planetary and zodiacal qualities in yourself, thanks to melodies and exercises specially created to cultivate self-perception.

Learn about the holistic conception of singing thanks to an in-depth study of the work carried out by the singer Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström.


“Everyone has a voice to sing. Our goal is to discover it, remove the obstacles and free the voice”

Valborg Werbeck


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Musician, Telecommunications Engineer. Trained in Music Therapy, Human Biography and Werbeck Singing. He dedicates himself fully to music, collaborating full-time with different initiatives such as salutogenic choirs, Werbeck singing work groups, conducting youth orchestras, as well as giving music, singing, lyre and violin classes to children and adults.

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