Last year some students from the school planted wheat. This year we have closed the cycle with the making of bread in 4th, 5th and 6th grade of primary school.

They have ground wheat grain to extract various types of flour: wholemeal and white. They have made a sourdough starting from scratch from apples and honey, to which we have “fed” flour until it can be used as yeast. They have also learned to knead and shape bread.

Sourdough is an exciting journey through three fermentations: alcoholic, lactic and acetic. Each one of them will transmit a unique flavor and aroma to the bread. In addition, the sourdough makes the crumb more moist and the crust tasty and crunchy for longer.

Each sourdough has its peculiarities, it is something alive and unrepeatable, and making bread with it is an adventure that sometimes takes you down unexpected paths. Only by knowing your sourdough will you get the bread you want.

There are sourdoughs that, like good wines, can last for years, accompanying you throughout life and making it a little more delicious.


con harina, agua y fuego te levantas,
espeso y leve, recostado y redondo,
milagro repetido, voluntad de la vida
La tierra, la belleza, el amor.
Todo eso tiene sabor de pan
Todo nació para ser compartido,
para ser entregado, para multiplicarse.
Entonces también la vida tendrá forma de pan,
será simple y profunda,
innumerable y pura.”
Pablo Neruda