Syrinx, Sa Llavor Musical Academy, was born with the desire to develop music learning by enjoying and understanding the art of music as a fundamental part of the human essence, necessary for evolution and growth.

Syrinx, Sa Llavor Musical Academy, offers quality musical education adapted to the abilities and needs of each individual to awaken musical sensitivity and accompany development as a person.

It was born in Sa Llavor from the Integrated Music School and offers individual and collective activities in extracurricular hours for all ages.

– Bass
– Clarinet
– Double bass
– Recorder
– Transverse flute
– Guitar
– Piano
– Saxophone
– Trumpet
– Viola
– Viola da gamba
– Fiddle
– Cello
– Gamelan Orchestra Instruments
– Musical language specialized by instruments
– Harmony
– Orchestra
– Singing and chorus
– Luthiery and creation of instruments

We start in October 2023. More information and registration opening in September 2023.