From a historical point of view, there has rarely been a society more interested than ours in the accumulation of information, putting education and wisdom on the same plane.

And yet it is known that the most valued employees and leaders are not those who are most trained, but those who show qualities such as empathy, cooperation, being a good communicator, resilience… that is, human qualities. That is why today companies invest more and more in mindfulness programs and the development of soft skills for their employees. If this is so, why don’t schools teach, in addition to knowledge, skills more focused on human needs and interests?

Escuela Sa Llavor has started a 6-month weekly training for its teachers called Education for Life, to further expand our awareness of how to prepare children for a rapidly changing world. Where, tailored to each age, values ​​and self-knowledge are worked on, because before we can relate to realities other than ours, we must have a firm sense of who we are.

We want to form self-possessed, mature, positive, reflective, energetic and creative human beings, capable of developing their maximum potential. When a child asserts himself at the soul level, academic excellence and personal success emerge naturally.

This project is for those people who feel that education should mean more than an acquisition of knowledge, more than an intellectual exposure to a host of concepts, and more than a pragmatic preparation for employment. It is a call to change, based on a deep vision of the potentials of each human being, which tells us how to nurture the creativity, wisdom and intuition of each child and how to take advantage of their unexplored capacities.

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Taught: María Domínguez



I became a teacher after having completed different studies and jobs, I discovered my vocation late. I studied Teaching at La Salle and later did the 3-year training in Waldorf Pedagogy, as well as Waldorf Support Pedagogy. I have worked as a Primary Education teacher at the Aravaca Waldorf School, Madrid, since 2004, of which I was the founding primary teacher and member of the Board of Directors for 13 years. However, as time went by, I felt that something was missing and with the birth of my son and then the pandemic, I began to wonder what the true meaning of education was. That’s when I met Education for Life: in 2021 I trained online and in 2022 I moved with my family to live in Perugia, Italy, to finish my training. I currently work as an Advisor at the Fundació Sa Llavor, where I have begun to provide Education for Life training to the teaching staff.