This week Fundació Sa Llavor hosted a two day visit, as part of our ongoing NEASC accreditation process by two professionals: Kevin Glass and Stephanie Packer.


It is the second visit we have hosted so far, and an important step, as a positive result would allow us to be formally recognised by NEASC and would mark the beginning of an ongoing partnership with their organisation.


We are delighted to report that, although we still await a formal written approval (to be received over the coming weeks), we were assured by both our visitors that the outcome would most definitely be a positive one. In fact their feedback was so wonderful to hear that we felt we should celebrate and share some of what they said with the learning community right away. Stephanie told us that in just two days, she had been able to see just how the schools core values and identity are reflected in our students calm and confident attitudes, our teaching staff’s natural and friendly relationship with the students, as well as in the wonderful and unique learning environment we have created. That she could feel peace and stability and a true sense of community. Kevin then added that despite having visited hundreds of schools in the past it was truly rare to see one with such clear values and ongoing dedication to a shared belief of what learning should look like. He went on to say that he had no doubt the remaining criteria for full accreditation was mostly already obvious to him and that it would just be down to the pedagogical team to highlight and evidence it over the coming months.


Needless to say, we are delighted with such high praise from two professionals who are dedicated to evaluating high quality learning experiences. We would also like to say a special thanks to all the parents and students that took part in the interviews and request your continued support in an information gathering survey we will be sending out in the near future.


NEASC’s accreditation process is a transformative process designed to offer their schools opportunities for self reflection and ongoing growth. It includes a commitment by the schools they work with to develop 10 learning principles, offer and commit to an individualised definition of High quality learning and then produce several learning plans to help grow each school inline with its own ethos.


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