After finishing my professional training as a restorative mason, I realized that very few professionals knew the oldest techniques and materials with which the towns and cities of our country have been built since ancient times.
Fourteen years ago I successfully finished the first legalized straw bale house in Mallorca, since then every time I finished a house I realized that the techniques and materials used had much more possibilities than I knew, so I began to train in ancient techniques with the best masters in the country and currently I am dedicated to finishing the homes with 100% mineral and natural materials.
Working with ancient materials connects you with the past, allows you to make unique finishes with lime, clay, Mallorca sands, artisan plasters, etc. And, in the end, make contemporary homes with local materials without an ecological footprint. The finishes are made in the atelier, for each home there is a different finish, the light, the materials, the shapes, everything influences each work and each inhabitant of a home. I am part of a network of artisans nationwide who have recovered old gypsum kilns in different parts of the Peninsula.
All my materials are manufactured by family-run business and small groups of artisans.
I am Miguel Angel Castillo and you can see my work through the networks.

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