“If the eye were not solar in nature, how could we see light?” J.W. Goethe

The miracle of light creates and undoes forms, the embrace of shadows give body and volume to the intangible.
The study of light and shadow has fascinated mystics, artists, scientists, and philosophers, joining in admiration and reverence for this divine phenomenon.
To draw and capture light and shadow on paper requires observation, contemplation, perseverance, care and patience, as well as the development of a delicate and precise manual technique.
Using only pencil and charcoal, 3rd Cycle of Primary students have learned to create volumes from the contrast of light and dark, light and shadow.
Developing sensitivity towards subtle shades of grey and contrasting effects, they have drawn spheres, cubes, pyramids and cylinders in the natural world, conveniently placed to highlight lights and shadows.
It is a beautiful feeling to catch a ray of light and a shadow on paper.

We share some inspiring quotes from the students about the process:

“There are no lines, only light and darkness. The forest is black as night. A ray of light, all joy. In the depths of the sea everything is darkness, except for the lantern fish.”

“Light and darkness give shape to drawings. Light and shadow give perspective.”

“The darkness makes the light stand out, like the clouds in the blue sky.”

“There are no lines, there is only shadow and light and shapes, nothing else. Without light there would be no shadow, without light there should only be darkness. That is why you need light, the light that goes from one side so that there is shadow on the other. Without light you cannot draw “.

“The light falls on the forms. Below is darkness. And in the middle there is shadow.”

“The darkness makes the light stand out, like when a human being writes his words on a white sheet.”

“Without darkness there is no light and without light there is no darkness.”

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