My name is Elias Bonet Monné, I am the father of Aimar, Violeta and Janic; and I make guitars. A work that is known by the name of luthier, which is a very old French word, which used to designate those who made lutes (Luthe). But we also like to be called “guitar makers”. In my case, I dedicate myself exclusively to building my own guitars. I don’t do restorations or repairs, which are very nice jobs but they don’t have so much to do with what motivates me: the search for sound. With each guitar that I make, I go one step further to arrive at this ideal sound, which only exists in my head, and that with each step I take, it also moves a little further away. In fact, every finished guitar raises new questions.

Another very important premise for me when working is that quality is above quantity. I build only twelve instruments a year, one at a time, without industrial processes, enjoying each of the details and processes that must be done to turn a handful of woods into a finished guitar. From preparing the woods to applying shellac.

I feel lucky to be able to dedicate my time to a job that I love. Working with your hands, continuing to design, constantly reflecting on what you are doing, living with musicians from all over the world, with the cultural richness that this implies. On the other hand, in my case it is a very lonely job, which has pushed me to travel to fairs and festivals, where I have been able to meet, above all, colleagues with whom to share knowledge and doubts. Socialize work, well, so necessary to know if what you do is useful, or not. In this case, if the guitar sounds good, or not.

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