Programme presented by the Fundació Sa Llavor, Mallorca, with Teresa Mazzei, Italy, as head of Eurythmy, in cooperation with the Performing Arts Section of the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland and recognized by the Institute for Eurythmy in Working Life, Den Haag , Netherlands.

1-7 April 2024

1-4 April 2024
non eurythmists

Lugar: Fundació Sa Llavor, Mallorca

Official Public Certification by The Ministry of Education of the Balearic Islands.


To all those people who are interested in working on personal, social and leadership skills and want to learn about the social organism.

By social organization we refer to any company or association, or any organized group in which several people come together, with a more or less complex structure, in which several people come together to achieve something that would not otherwise be possible.



We will connect human, social and organizational theory with Eurythmy to accompany the process of change, transformation and growth.

Change is often about reacting to new circumstances but, when you’re facing very difficult issues or dilemmas, when very different people need to work together in very complex settings, and when the future might really be very different from the past, a different process is required”.

Presence. O. Scharmer and other authors.

The greater our awareness of ourselves, others and the system, we will be able to take actions that allow us to act together in relation to what is happening.



Fundació Sa Llavor, Binissalem, Mallorca

English, Spanish and Italian

Assistance can be provided to find accommodation close to the training venue. A network of temporary economical accommodation has been set up within the community.


The places are limited.



Professional business experience:
Graduate in Economics and Business Sciences, Postgraduate Master in business and organizational development.
25 years of multiple work experience in several companies, as a consultant in international consulting firms and as treasury manager and financial director, in a financial services company.
Professional experience in Eurythmy:
Certified in Eurythmy and specialized in Eurythmy in Work Life and Hygienic Eurythmy.
12 years of activities: in the business environment (consulting and within companies), with people with special needs, in different training programs as a trainer.
Member of ASD, Association for Social Development driven by Lievegoed.

The workshop includes other teachers and facilitators, in eurythmy, in the field of social and organizational consulting, and in complementary artistic disciplines.