Seeing a craftsman use his hands to transform the raw material and turn it into a useful or decorative product is for children like a magic gesture. They are amazed and admired by the incredible ability of the craftsman to create so easily and quickly that product that they now have before their eyes, when a few minutes ago it was a pile of mud, wool, wicker, leather, or a piece of wood or iron. They have the ability to admire the wonders that surround us: those of nature and those that human beings are able to create.

Children scrutinize every move, gesture and attitude of the craftsman.
Then they enjoy picking up tools and materials and imitating exactly the same movements they just observed. If they are allowed to experiment, they discover that it is not as easy as it seemed and that all creation requires practice, patience and perseverance.
Then, they value even more the skill and knowledge of the craftsman.

We have been visited by 3 artisans:
-In Pere Parets, espadrilles.
-Antonella Farris, tin specialist.
-In Raül Blanco, carpenter and teacher of the school.

Thank you for your collaboration!