A R T I S T I C   W O R K S H O P   2 0 2 2

First Cycle of Artistic and Healer Processes

Escuela Cultura, transformative and active impulse of the Sa Llavor Foundation, in collaboration with Visionary Woman Art Research Group, presents in January 2022 a new cycle of Artistic Workshop with theoretical-practical work sessions for adults, which reconnect with the essence of art and live the artistic process as a journey into the unknown where intuiting and imagining gives us inspiration and deep learning on a personal and social level.


7 meetings // 7 Sundays

January 30 to March 13

from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Sa Llavor Foundation. Plaça Metge Borràs, 3. Binissalem. Mallorca


Organized by:

Escuela Cultura – Fundació Sa Llavor, Mallorca
Visionary Woman Art Research Group, Barcelona





In this First Cycle of Artistic and Healing Processes, we are going to explore the relationship between Art, Science and Spirituality in constellation with the works of Hilma af Klint and Emma Kunz. We open a space for experimentation, creation and critical thinking through artistic practices, scientific experiments created at the beginning of the 20th century, Goethean observation, movement and words. This space of seven sessions of four hours each, is led by specialists in one or more of the proposed topics, with the intention of opening doors to liminal spaces. The artistic processes carried out by the participants are visualized and taken into an exhibition format.


Hilma af Klint and Emma Kunz

Researchers and artists, Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) and Emma Kunz (1892-1963), explored the supersensible world through art and science, predicting that their work would be understood and useful for future generations. The incredible popularity of his works today confirms the relevance of graphic research and the holistic view of the human being. His creations present us with an opportunity to discover the mysteries of life and a two-way purpose to return to unity.



Art, Science and Spirituality
An approach to esoteric cartography by the artists Hilma af Klint and Emma Kunz

We offer a space for individual and collective experimentation, creation and critical thinking, through artistic practices, scientific experiments from the beginning of the 20th century, Goethean observation, movement and words.


Day 1 // January 30 // The 4 Directions: Create an orientation map in the 4 directions to build the foundation of the artistic and healing process.

We will use clay modeling to create pure forms that visualize the formative forces, inspired by the platonic solids and the direction plate and pendulum that Emma Kunz used to perceive the laws of Nature and spiritual connections.


Day 2 // February 6 // Contemplation: Cultivate the art of contemplation to capture the essence of the forms of Nature and capture them through painting.

With the technique of pastel and painting, we will create prints based on the experience of Goethean observation of the plant world, inspired by the notebooks that Hilma af Klint created during her residence at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland, to discover geometric laws. that beat in the essence of Nature.


Day 3 // February 13 // The number: Delve into the quality of numbers and the ancient numerical wisdom, through the rhythm, the symbol and the images they reveal.


Day 4 // February 20 // Sound: Experience the qualities of the music through the eurythmic movement.

We will use structures inspired by the artisan use of the loom, to reveal the symbol that is born from the number, making visible the movement of mathematical numerical series.


Day 5 // February 27 // The form: Rescue through the living word, poetic forms that are asleep in the world of the imagination.

Listening in motion, we will discover the essence of music. We will perceive, experience and make visible the gesture that lives in music through choreographic forms.
Guest: Raphaela Fritzsch


Day 6 // March 6 // The invisible: Visualize invisible structures through scientific and artistic experiments.

Through Eurythmy, the art of movement that makes speech visible, we are going to explore the archetypal laws that govern language and that are universal in nature. Each sound of the alphabet, vowel or consonant, has an imprint that wants to manifest itself visibly in space. We will move these forms discovering their qualities through poetic examples.
Guest: Olga de Jenaro


Day 7 // March 13 // Light: Approach to the numinous sense of light.

We will take a trip to the experimental methods used by artists and scientists in the 19th century to show what lay beyond the naked eye. A laboratory that explores the flowers of the voice of Margaret Watt Hughes and the Muster Bilder of Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, to develop a series of natural diagrams.
Guest: Jo Milne


Cost of the program:
One-time payment: € 469

Fractional payment: € 500*
Payed in the following way:
– Registration: € 150
– 2 payments of € 175.
First payment: first week of February.
(before February 6th)
Second payment: first week of March.
(before March 6th)

*The signature of a payment commitment will be required


Coordination Team of the Program

Ester G. Mecias: Visual artist graduated from the University of Barcelona and from MassArt, Boston. Co-founder of the interdisciplinary artistic collective Les Salonnières. Independent researcher at Visionary Women Art. Training in anthroposophic studies at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland.


Victor Mardaras: Multidisciplinary artist trained at Emerson College, UK. Biodynamic and Pedagogy Steiner Specialist. Gamelán Orchestra Professor. Coordinator and teacher in the development of Artistic Processes in Primary and Secondary Education and teacher training. Co-founder of the Fundació Sa Llavor.


Irene Sevilla: Psychologist, specialized in psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Needs of Children and Adolescents. Trained in INPP (Neuro-Physiological Psychology). Specialist in Steiner Pedagogy and Pedagogical Art of the Word. Coordinator and teacher in the development of Artistic Processes in Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary Education and teacher training. Co-founder of the Sa Llavor Foundation.


Sofía Sevilla: Biologist, specialized in Botany and Education for Sustainability. Specialist in Steiner Pedagogy and Biodynamics. Graduated in Artistic and Pedagogical Eurythmy from the Performing Arts Section of the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland. Coordinator and teacher of Holistic Education, Sciences and Performing Arts Projects in Primary and Secondary Education and teacher training. Co-founder of the Fundació Sa Llavor.



Dra. Pilar Bonet: Art critic, researcher and teacher at the University of Barcelona. Dedicated body and soul to the study of the creativity of visionary women of the first half of the 20th century in Europe. Art and healing potential linked to emancipatory spiritualities (spiritualism, theosophy, anthroposophy). Expert in the legacy of the Catalan medium Josefa Tolrà (1880-1959). She manages the Visionary Women Art research group while preparing international exhibitions and editions from a political and gender perspective.


Raphaela Fritzsch: Medical studies at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. Diploma in Artistic and Performing Eurythmy at Academie voor Euritmie, Den Haag, Holland, graduated from the Section of Performing Arts of the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland. Long stage experience, forming part of the Nederlands Euritmie Ensemble and as a specialist in teaching eurythmy. Eurythmy teacher in Madrid, Master at Alanus University, Germany, as Therapeutic Eurythmist. Co-director and teacher of artistic and musical eurythmy in the Eurythmy formation of Madrid. Acts as a stage eurythmyr and works as a therapeutic eurythmyr.


Olga de Jenaro: Stage eurythmist, pedagogue and therapist. Teacher for secondary and high school at Escuela Libre Micael, Madrid. Guest speaker at Waldorf teacher training in Madrid, Vitoria and Seville. Co-director of the Madrid Eurythmy Training, 2014-2021. Choreographer and creator of the scenic project Andando, premiered at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, 2021. She also graduated in Remedial Teaching and Biographical Advice.


Jo Milne: Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Researcher and member of the IMARTE (UB), ARE (Art, Resilience, Economy) and Visionary Women Art research groups. Her artistic practice builds bridges between the worlds of science and art.


Mapi Rivera: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, ​​Erasmus scholarship at the Saint Martins School of Art, London, among other grants, Scholarships, Awards and Residencies. Doctor from the University of Barcelona, ​​with the thesis “The Numinous Sense of Light”, published by Herder Editorial. In addition to teaching at the University of Barcelona and coordinating the MACBA Education Team, she has participated in conferences and seminars. Her works and texts have been cataloged through different publications, which include a trajectory of individual and collective exhibitions. She is part of the Visionary Women Art Research Group.



Graduated in Communication Sciences from the UAB, she has worked as an advertising creative for more than twenty years between Barcelona and Madrid. Professor of creative writting at the University of Vic and Ramon Llull University. Hatha Yoga teacher. Communication Responsible of the Fundació Sa Llavor.


Petra Dum: Master craftswoman, inspired by Nature and focused on artistic and manual creation with wool. Experience in the development of Artistic Processes in Primary and Secondary Education and teacher training. Member of the pedagogical team and coordinator of the Fundació Sa Llavor.


Ivan Selleng: Musician, specialized in Piano Jazz and Percussion. Sa Llavor School ex student. Trained at Brockwood Park School, UK and the Superior Conservatory of Music of the
Balearic Islands, Majorca. Percussion teacher. Responsible for the musical animation department at Human Academy, France.


Candela Sol: Audiovisual producer and visual artist. She is a curator at the independent art space Curtidas Barcelona. She is part of the audiovisual production company Ser Libremente. She has been trained in the Systemic Constellations method and facilitates creative processes in group and individual sessions. Investigate the creative process of artists from a transdisciplinary perspective and methodology. She collaborates in the area of ​​communication and creation with the Visionary Women Art group and Escuela Cultura.




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Escuela Cultura, a transformative impulse created from the initiative and active research lines that identify the holistic and pioneering project of Education, Art and Culture of the Fundació Sa Llavor, is a space for human encounter that promotes Art and connection with Nature encourages cultural exchange and awakens the creative forces of intuition, imagination and inspiration, seeds for evolution and social transformation.

[V ~ W] Visionary Women Art is an interdisciplinary research group that proposes new readings on the creativity of women linked to social spiritualities of the early twentieth century in Europe: spiritualism, theosophy and anthroposophy. From a gender perspective and with the desire to augur new freer and eco-friendly futures.