The Sa Llavor Foundation is very happy to announce that we have joined the support committee of the Binissalem “Ciudad Educadora” project.

For this reason, we are going to take part in some of the activities that will be held over the next few weeks to commemorate the Universal Day of the Rights of the Child (20 November), the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November), and the International Day of the Educating City (30 November), as part of the programme of events to be held in Binissalem as an Educating City.


But what does the “Ciudad Educadora” project consist of?

This project stems from the International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC), which the municipality of Binissalem joined in 2016. The mission of this organisation is for education to become a tool for social transformation through four fundamental axes:

  1. The population should be able to enjoy lifelong learning in all areas of daily life.
  2. That diversity and inclusion be guiding values in each of the educational actions carried out, recognising the great wealth that these values bring to the community.
  3. Citizen participation is promoted, involving the community in education-related decision-making, and generating a network of collaboration between all the agents and sectors involved to improve the quality of education.
  4. To encourage sustainable development by promoting educational practices that take into account respect for the environment and social responsibility.


This project strengthens the community’s ties of union with an educational purpose that aims to be implemented in all spheres of life; objectives that are perfectly in line with the educational principles of the Sa Llavor Foundation. And we are particularly excited to be able to participate in a community project of such magnitude, because our original impulse, as an educational community, also tends towards that social transformation that can only be carried out hand in hand with the educational processes of teaching-learning.


With great gratitude for being able to collaborate in this beautiful local and international initiative, we hope to nurture with flourishing seeds this space for meeting, dialogue and action that is unfolding before us, so that integral qualitative education becomes a basic right of all human beings and the engine of transformation towards a more harmonious, respectful, co-responsible, supportive, peaceful, loving and more connected to life society.



As part of the commemoration of the World Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women:


– Wednesday 22 November:

19h. Dramatised reading of texts by authors who write about the implications of being a woman, by Magdalena Sbert. At the Sa Llavor Foundation.

To facilitate attendance at this activity, there will be a service of respectful accompaniment for children aged 3 to 11 years by Crea-ti-vida: Personal and Family Care Centre (Registration for this service via WhatsApp at the following telephone number: 687775112).


– Friday 24 November:

9:30h. Workshop on artistic processes with natural materials for painting, wool and clay modelling, aimed at different primary school groups from CEIP Robines de Binissalem. At the Sa Llavor Foundation.


11:30h. In the Plaza de la Iglesia, the institutional manifesto will be read in commemoration of 25 November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. And the community activity “Señales lilas” (Purple Signs) will be presented, with the participation of secondary school students, the rest of Binissalem’s schools, the Espai de Dones, Binidones and the Town Hall’s Social Services, who have decorated different road signs with slogans against male violence, which will later be distributed throughout the municipality of Binissalem.


As part of the events for the celebration of the International Day of the Educating City.


Open activity of Social Eurhythmy, at the Fundació Sa Llavor


-Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December:


1 December: 19 to 20.30h.

2 December: 10 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.



Conscious movement dynamics for the development of individuals and social organisations.

What does social mean?

What is healthy on an individual and societal level?

Development of social organisations. Dealing with change


The Fundació Sa Llavor, Mallorca, with Teresa Mazzei, in charge of Social Eurythmy, in cooperation with the Performing Arts Section of the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland, presents a Social Eurythmy programme recognised by the Institute for Eurythmy in Working Life, Den Haag, The Netherlands and approved as Lifelong Learning by the Coselleria d’Educació.


– Develops self-awareness and social skills.

– Experience in practice the relationship between the individual and the social impulse.

– Understand the organisation in which you are involved for social or work-related reasons as a living organism: its elements, its phases, its living processes, etc.

– It deepens and enriches intellectual knowledge through dynamic movement, on individual/social/organisational aspects.

– It discovers the bridges that connect the individual with the social organism.

– It moves from intellectual knowledge to conscious perception and action.

– Develops self-confidence and creative ability.