The periods of history are usually in tune and harmonize with the evolutionary moment of the students. It has been through harmony and beauty where this period of history has flourished in the third cycle classroom.


The Greeks knew how to masterfully sculpt in their architecture and sculpture the harmony and beauty of the human form, just as their myths knew how to transmit the strength and dignity of human nature.


Ancient Greece was a time in our history where human beings inhabited the earth with so much interest that even the gods wanted to be in the human world. They lived on the tops of the mountains, in the rivers, in the forests, and in the seas, they liked to participate in worldly affairs and some gods and mortals married among themselves. From this union great heroes and heroines would be born and were thus able to guide the inhabitants of the earth.


Prayer of Socrates


Dear Pan and all the other gods who live here:

Grant me to be beautiful inside and out,

May everything you have be in harmony with what is inside,

so that the inner and outer being are one.

Here on earth, between birth and death,

the soul and the spirit must be sought within us,

what is beautiful must be correct