We present a selection of texts that inspire the team of Sa Llavor and share in the weekly meetings as part of their pedagogical path.


Tale extracted from the “Spiritual Compass” book by Satish Kumar.
There was a fisherman lying on the beach, dozing in the sun. The catch of the day was over and, after lunch, it was time to rest.
A merchant saw him lying languidly and asked him: “How come you don’t work today?”
“I have already finished my work. This morning I went out with my little boat, caught some fish, sold some and cooked others and ate them; Now it’s time to rest, nap time”, said the fisherman.
“But you could still catch some more fish, right?”, asked the merchant.
“And why would I do it?”, asked the fisherman surprised.
“This way you would earn more money and you could buy a larger motor boat, which could load larger nets and catch more fish”, the merchant replied.
“For what?”, asked the fisherman.
“Well, that way you could have a fleet of ships, create a company, and when it succeeds, sell it and earn a lot of money,” said the merchant.
“And then what?” Asked the fisherman, without understanding anything.
“Then you could retire and be all day lying on the beach, without worries,” the merchant insisted.
“But it is precisely what I am doing now! The future does not worry me. I am happy, very happy, what I have satisfies me. I feel lucky with the sea, with sunlight and with a lot of time to enjoy life. Why should I try so hard? ”
The merchant, who at first did not know what to say, soon walked away smiling.


Fragment of the book “Verdolatry. Nature teaches us to be human ”by Santiago Beruete.
“We still have to learn the art of living in a world oversaturated with information. And we must also learn the even more difficult art of preparing the next generations to live in such a world. ” Zygmunt Bauman.

Pedagogy is a branch of gardening, so educating is another meaning of the word cultivate. We are all plants and gardeners. We cultivate each other. The true meaning of teaching is “sowing the spirits,” as Plato states by Socrates in the Fedro dialogue. The teacher’s words are seeds, but they will only germinate if they fall on fertile soil. The same raises the crucial question of how to prepare the ground. Gardening and education are humble professions. Those who sow the earth and those who cultivate the spirit have something in common: the sweat of their brow will not bear fruit until after a while. Teaching is like planting: you are never sure if the effort will bear fruit, if the seed you spread will sprout, but that emotion brings into play the best of the human being: hope, trust, patience, perseverance, tenacity and, of course, humility. Nothing worthwhile is achieved in life without these qualities.
It goes without saying that the best way, if not the only way, to defend ideals is to practice them. No one can help another to be autonomous, to think for himself or to show empathy if he lacks those qualities. No one can teach to read, think or write creatively if he does not do it in his private life, on his own initiative, for pure and simple pleasure. And being older, titles or rank does not facilitate the teaching task when credibility is lacking. Being reliable is the main merit of an educator. Hence the moral authority and personal magnetism, of the coherence between facts and words, between what is preached and what is done. Without honesty a teacher lacks legitimacy. A student is more willing to excuse mistakes, tone outings and even sarcasm than lack of authenticity. In a few stages of life one is more susceptible to hypocrisy than in school years. Although it is thought, it seems logical that someone involved in body and soul in forging an identity does not tolerate fakers and feels a deep rejection by those who betray himself, is not faithful to his ideas and is incoherent. Perhaps this is the main difficulty faced by those called to exercise this devilishly beautiful profession. Although few people believe it today, the craft of education has always had fervent and enthusiastic followers.

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