During this last month, and in connection with the last period of the course that who goes through the trades, the second cycle class has carried out a project to build a clay oven. For this we have had the visit of Ilan, who has guided us throughout the process.

In order to carry it out, they have gone through different stages where mathematics, physics, chemistry, modelling and construction have been worked:
-First, the students were familiarized with the natural ingredients by testing the soil they were going to use and making the so-called “cookies”.
-They learned about the correct amounts: the proportion of soil, sand and straw.
-They worked the mud with their feet and learned to build with it.
-They learned the ecological insulation method.
-They worked in teams dividing the work and assuming responsibilities.

All the students really enjoyed the work, they were highly motivated at all times and they gave themselves to the task with enthusiasm.

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