The winter solstice commemorates the birth of light. Soon we will live the darkest day of the year but also, little by little, we will see how the days are lengthening, gaining more hours at night and darkness. Let all this light fill our hearts and let us surrender to the most special and endearing meaning of the winter solstice: sharing with others, gathering together, renewing ourselves. It is time to sow. Imagine that we are a fertile field waiting to receive a lot of new things that will take root in us, growing towards the sky, towards the stars, making us shine.

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Watercolor is a privileged artistic form for elementary school children, since it allows them to have emotional experiences with color in a fluctuating medium like water. At these ages, the way they create on paper is not important. The recreation of a specific character or scene is not important. Working with paint on wet paper, where the water disperses the colors and does not allow them to define any shape, can be frustrating for some children who have prematurely developed reasoning and intellect. Watercolor works from the heart, from the soul, from the emotions, from the flow. The intellect fails when it wishes to define some form. The master's proposal starts from the character of each color: the expansive force of red, the irradiation of yellow, the protective envelope of blue ... and tells a story, presents some images. In these images, characters or animals may appear, each with its own character and activity. So, we identify each character or animal with each of the colors, by the similarity with the character of each color. Finally, we paint the colors on the paper, and we also paint the interactions that each one has had in the story. The result is not a more or less faithful representation of the characters in the story, but a mixture of colors that illustrates the emotional force that has taken place in that narrative.

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Last Saturday, November 27th, we celebrated the first meeting of the Learning Community planting trees in community in the forest. These meetings seek to establish links between the community through action, as a way to return to the human network, to collaborate and enrich the project in a family and festive environment. The contribution and donation of trees and shrubs by the families was very numerous. Those that could best adapt to the characteristics of the terrain were chosen, such as oak, pine, murta, laurel, strawberry tree, olive or fruit trees. During the meeting new families could get to know the space where their children play every day at the school, as well as the projects that are being carried out.

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