Last Saturday, November 27th, we celebrated the first meeting of the Learning Community planting trees in community in the forest. These meetings seek to establish links between the community through action, as a way to return to the human network, to collaborate and enrich the project in a family and festive environment. The contribution and donation of trees and shrubs by the families was very numerous. Those that could best adapt to the characteristics of the terrain were chosen, such as oak, pine, murta, laurel, strawberry tree, olive or fruit trees. During the meeting new families could get to know the space where their children play every day at the school, as well as the projects that are being carried out.

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We open the doors of the school, the garden and the forest with periodic meetings for the entire school community where we can meet, share and learn, in a festive atmosphere. We believe that it is a good time to take care of and strengthen ties and give strength to the Learning Community of which we are all part, families and team. Date of the first meeting: Saturday, October 30th, 2021 Proposal: Plant and sponsor a tree in the forest and shared food in the school garden Organized by: Forest Project (Pau Roig and Joana Castell)

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A return to autenticity, beauty, calm and essence. This summer, and for the next academic year, Fundació Sa Llavor opens the doors to a new art project: a school of contemporary crafts where the teachers who most inspire us in Mallorca will teach you their craft, their vision and their art. A school where inspiration, creativity, working in a circle, with your hands, sharing, will allow you to learn not only from others but also from yourself, and at the same time, contribute to the change of the economic and social model, moving towards a more sustainable world. We will start walking this summer with @silvinamoschinitextil and her intensive tapestry course, where you can learn her art first hand, experiment and enhance your creativity through the language of tapestry. The course will be taught in July. During the month of July there will also be intensive introductory courses of llata, with Antonella Farris and Cèlia Prats. You will learn the process and the value of working together in a circle. Find out the details at @laescuelaartesana or write us an email at hola@laescuelaartesana.es

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2020 was a particular year that offered us many good things, one of the most appreciated was Time, time to be able to enjoy our children and everything we wanted, that precious time made it possible to materialize a project that had been in my mind for a long time. The need to take care of our children, in such a strange moment for them, was the reason that made us get down to work. In our culture we are taught many things but little about knowing how to listen to ourselves and learn to manage emotions, they taught us to clean our body in the shower, but they did not teach us to clean up a frustration or a bad thought. Reeelaaax aims to offer tools to parents and teachers in the best way we know how to do it: on the one hand José Gabarda, musician and high school teacher and on the other, myself, with experience in the world of yoga and different oriental medicines. This is how Reeelaaax, an album of guided meditations for children of all ages, was born and we did it our mother tongue, Catalan. I like to think that more than guided meditations are tools to use in different situations, exercises that teach children to know themselves better, their body, their emotions, their thoughts, their breathing ... and to find well-being through them. An experience that they can also do and share with their parents and thus create a magical moment that gives them a special bond. Every detail has been created from the heart, with a lot of love and enthusiasm and so we launched it, hoping to do our bit and help. The idea was to be able to offer Reeelaaax to everyone, so you can find it both on free platforms and on those where you can buy it in case you want to support the project and help it grow. I hope you enjoy it!

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Traveling changed my life, getting to know new places and different cultures made me realize that everything is possible and that not even the sky has limits. My name is Ilan, Merav's partner and father of Rumi, Libi and Eden My name in Hebrew means young tree and from there my connection with nature began. I was born in a small town, in the desert in southern Israel. Life in Israel was accompanied by constant tension, so after my mandatory military service, at the age of twenty-two, I went on a world trip. The path through this long journey introduced me to the world of tattoos that I continue to do to this day, 26 years later. There I can express my passion for art and love for the world of painting. I have been painting from a young age, I feel like I have been given a gift and I have always felt comfortable expressing myself. Painting, murals and graphic design for a publishing house were some of my first professions. A year ago the whole family moved to Costitx to make our desire to live in the countryside come true after years of very intense life in Ibiza. We discovered Sa Llavor and we felt that we had come "home". Life in Mallorca has opened many doors for me and one of them is learning green building and permaculture. It allows me to develop this connection with nature and learn the use of natural and simple materials that are literally under our feet.

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When I discovered Fukuoka's book Seeds in the desert I understood that I had to unlearn everything I knew to date about the land and its management. I come from a family of peasants and I started in traditional agriculture, then I worked as a gardener in houses of great pretensions where the most important thing was to have flowers and green grass in summer even if it was 40 degrees and it had not rained for two months. The life that exists in the subsoil and how it manifests itself on the surface is what occupies my interest now. Man tends to simplify things. When we see a forest we only see the trees, but a forest is much more than that. Under the layer of earth there is a whole world: viruses, bacteria, fungi ... A world that maintains a symbiotic relationship with the forest and thanks to which it survives. The fungi that inhabit the surface of the earth communicate all the trees with each other, allowing the roots to access water and nutrients, even in times of drought, as in a kind of network invisible to our eyes but vital for the subsistence of the forest. Traditional agriculture attacks this entire ecosystem invisible to the eyes. The land where Sa Llavor has projected the Forest is little more than a barren land, overgrazed by sheep and in which the plows have destroyed all this microbiological wealth. I was interested in being part of this project to be able to apply all the years of reading and training in regenerative agriculture and try to make life return to this almost desert piece of land. The field today is an industry, the plants survive because they are artificially fed with manures and fertilizers. Fukuoka had several apprentices under him. He fed them a bowl of rice and told them to go out and find the herbs to complete the dish. Actually everything is out there, what we have to do is train our eyesight and change the perspective with which we interpret nature.

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I remember that when I was in Barcelona university, when I returned home for the summer holidays, year after year, my father always asked me the same question: but what exactly were you studying? I kept the poor man very confused: I started Philology but I realized that what interested me was the historical framework of books, so I decided to start History, but there I discovered that the most important thing for me was to understand the social and cultural organization of every era for which I finished Anthropology. When I had to work I had a crisis, of course, then I remembered that as a child I wanted to direct films so I escaped to Cuba for two years to study cinema (I still don't understand how I convinced my father of it) and then, when I returned, I still wanted get into a documentary master's degree. At that time at my house they had already thrown in the towel, I was already working writing scripts for IB3 tv so they stopped asking because with the little I earned I was already supporting myself. Most of what I have worked has been in the Theater where I have gone through many roles: I have produced, I have been an assistant director, I have written, I have directed, I have acted, I have even made a wardrobe without really knowing how to sew!… For teamwork like drama, it is very useful to have “lived” the work of your colleagues. When Gloria asked me to write a review about me for the newsletter, I felt an attack of modesty: “talk about what motivates you,” she told me. So, thinking about everything that has been done, I realized why after so much traveling, what motivates me is to learn. For example, it has always been difficult for me to give my opinion in public so I decided to participate in debates on the radio, and for my eternal balance problems, I am learning to control them through dance. Sometimes I laugh alone when I find myself dancing surrounded by women in their twenties and think: what am I doing here at forty-eight, spinning and tripping over my own feet? But then I look at one of my teachers, who at sixty moves in an incredibly fluid and confident way, and then it all makes sense. The thing that attracts me most is what is difficult for me and everything I don't know how to do it, paradoxically that limit gives me a lot of freedom and mental breadth. This year I have started to collaborate with Pau in the Forest Project and I am enjoying accompanying the children of the school in the transformation of this rather barren space into a future forest. This will take time, dedication, patience and faith, but it is a path that will be full of learning in company, so I can't imagine a better plan. After this, the next thing I plan to do is

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My name is Silvia Manzano Vivar, I am the mother of Roberto and Martín. We arrived in Mallorca four years ago looking for a school for our children and finding Sa Llavor rooted us on the island. Nursery Teacher, by the Complutense University of Madrid, as a listen of one of my earliest internal seeds, the love of childhood, the accompaniment and importance of the presence in this wonderful stage. All my training has always been born of an impulse to discover myself, know me, listen to me and, from this place, be present in the world. Listening to my motherhood, after the birth of Roberto, I formed as a Doula and I accompany mothers, fathers and families in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Trained in Foot Reflexology, of which I teach workshops for families, in Cranio-Sacral for pregnant women and babies, and in Gestalt therapy. They are my tools and treasures that I always carry with me and that have shaped and made my purpose of life. I worked for almost two years in a public library in the Community of Madrid, in the children's and youth room, hence my experience and knowledge basic library science, which I am now fortunate to share in the school. Waking up life and using the school library is being a job wonderful in which, in reality, the real protagonists are being girls and boys. We do a part of the internal work of cataloging, documentation, ordering and updating of the bibliographic collection necessary for the activation of this service. But it is with the passage of all the cycles through the room that the magic and beauty that beats in each book, in each story, in each story and image that wait to be discovered, chosen, looked at and listened to, is really generated. I accompany the girls and boys weekly, as a reference of the library, as a reading and loan room. To get acquainted with this space, its use and use, I will present you how it is organized, how and where to find your favorite readings or to consult your concerns and curiosities to feel the space as yours and enjoy it to the fullest. The elders of the school participate by giving a service to the community and They are occupying the adult room. They and they are lending a true “librarian and librarian apprentices” service; catalog, they make weavings, select and order the bibliographic collection of this room. I feel privileged to be able to feel and see how books, in this age of screens, they still retain their magic when they are held in their hands and They connect with what happens to each one. I am grateful to be able to enjoy the enthusiasm with which they are receiving and shaping this new initiative that has already become a habit and family space within their life at school.

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I am Hagar Talmor, it has been a year and a half since we arrived on the island and in this wonderful community. I immediately felt at home. I am an herbalist at heart, since I can remember, I have been looking at the ground, noticing the plants that I have around me, and in recent years I have dedicated myself to heal and teach how to heal using what we all have in our garden. Yoga is my other passion, and it is the teacher that helps me improve my life and grow. In my day to day I help people to reprogram their lifestyle habits to feel better about themselves. In the Library Project, we have renewed the atmosphere of this space so that it conveys a feeling of greater friendliness. I am in charge of registering all the books that we have and those that are coming in to make it easier for girls and boys to take them home and thus improve their reading. This project made me reconnect with reading, as well as my children, and it helps me a lot to improve my Spanish.

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On Saturday April 24th we lived a volunteer day within the Forest Project. Thanks to the families who came and their work, we will be able to enjoy shade in the forest. A white flag, donated by a family at the school, and a green mesh fabric that was sewn with llata needles, were installed. Also, the reparation of the stone wall did begin. It was a relaxed morning where the children took the opportunity to enjoy this outdoors space and the families shared their ideas and contributions. As good weather is coming, we hope this journey can be repeated and that the participation will increase.

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