Sa Llavor Edicions was born last year as a result of the love for reading, a casual exchange of books and the desire to find a space to talk about them. Reading allows us to leave our confines, to travel to other worlds and other realities, to know the unknown, but also to inquire more about ourselves. In this time of stopping and slowing down, staying home, going to bed early, being calm and quiet, it is a good time to celebrate reading again. Sant Jordi is an excellent occasion to reactivate Sa Llavor Edicions in the best possible way, by reading and sharing this love for books!

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No somos de aquí Sino de invernales senderos, Del brillo del agua De los oscuros pozos De la mirada del otro. Ediciones Sa Llavor inaugurates its editorial line with an art book project, "Alrededor" by Enrique Barrenengoa and Victor Mardaras, combining poetry and painting. Enrique Barrenengoa is a poet, experimental artist, musician, creator, soundtrack composer and violinist. Barrenengoa is a nonconformist and restless spirit. Just as his facet as a creator and composer has led him to project himself outwards, his facet as a writer has remained on a more intimate level. Victor Mardaras is a multidisciplinary artist whose core is experimental painting and music. In this collaboration, the two creators have wanted to take the book beyond printed letters and traditional illustration, turning painting into the essence of the poem, where both text and images complement each other in a metaphysical look at everything that surrounds us; the links, matter and connections. The intention, with this edition, is that around the book, as its title expresses, the creative project expands through the holding of an exhibition and an event. We invite you to the ART BOOK presentation event on Saturday May 29 at the Fundació Sa Llavor.

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"Stories to be told" contest As one writer said, we all want to have a voice like Scherezade's close to us by telling us a bedtime story and every time we feel alone. In Sa Llavor Edicions we want to pay homage to orality, to the living word, to that intimate moment of sharing a story, a journey through the imagination. Therefore, we encourage you to participate in the first Story Contest to be told. We are looking forward to your proposals from now until April 1st. Storytellers, tell us stories. We will close our eyes. We will open the senses. Contest rules here> Collection of second-hand books From the 15th of the current month you can take to the Hivernacle the books you wish to donate for the exchange market that we will celebrate during the day of Sant Jordi. We will collect books of literature, essay, poetry, theater and children's literature that are in good condition. Many thanks!

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