The children of the second cycle have begun the period of arts and crafts. This week they have received Nina Schinneck, an artisan jewellery maker, who has shown them how to work silver to make a ring.
First, measurements have been taken of the finger where they will want the ring, then with a hammer, on a hard surface, they have worked the silver to flatten it. Once the strip is made, with a special tool, they have given it a rounded shape. Next they have welded the ring with fire, melting an alignment of copper and silver. To make the joint smooth, the rings have been filed both inside and out. Then they have placed them on the string and, with a plastic hammer, so that it does not break, they have worked the piece until they get perfect circles. The last phase is polishing with a polishing machine, to give it the shimmering and brilliant finish of a real jewel.

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