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For a more human education

The School Sa Llavor was created in 2007 in Mancor de la Vall, Mallorca, as an independent and autonomous school, with the aim of contributing to transform society through Education.

Since its creatin it is a pioneer in Spain in Holistic Pedagogy and introduces an innovation in the teaching methodology and form. Educates through experience and sustainable ethical principles, taking into account the child’s vital, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs at each stage of their growth and development.

The school develops the objectives and criteria present in the legislation in its programs, respecting the development needs of each educational stage. It links and integrates the different areas of knowledge present in the curriculum through interrelated and practical learning, in connection with nature and through art. It nourishes the ability to live, feel and think freely, fostering integral human development.

Sa Llavor is located today in Binissalem, opening its doors to more than 100 students who experience, learn and develop, following their personal rhythms and strengthening themselves through their talents and qualities for life.

After 10 years of experience, in 2017, Escola Sa Llavor has become the first approved Center for Infant and Primary Education that teaches Holistic Pedagogy, authorized by the Department of Education and the University of the Balearic Islands. (You can access the official news of the official certification here).

Educational principles of Sa Llavor:

  • Respect for individuality, development of the integral, dynamic and flexible personality and of the vital, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual capacities. Every individual has the right to maintain their ethnic, linguistic and religious identity, which must be recognized and protected
  • Reconciliation, reform and social equality, education for freedom and spontaneity. Promotion of autonomy and participation
  • Education for peace and nonviolence, learning to live with values ​​such as tolerance, respect and empathy
  • Ecological awareness that feeds the love towards nature through contact with it
  • Education for artistic sensibility, development of the creative spirit, encouragement and access to all arts
  • Solidarity, service to others and feeling of belonging to the community through ethical and aesthetic education
  • Civic awareness, development of human qualities, popular education
  • Critical conscience that moves action, freedom of ideas and acts, positive political education
  • Appreciative apprenticeships related to affectivity and feelings
  • Development of the values ​​of kindness, beauty and truth

Educational Project of the Center

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Linguistic Project of the Center

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