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If you want to enroll in the School Sa Llavor there are some steps you should know:

  1. Take a guided tour to Sa Llavor
  2. Apply for admission
  3. Joining some class visit journeys during the school day (for students from 1st of Primary Education)
  4. Admission resolution
  5. Apply for registration
  6. Welcome

Guided visit

For the 2018/19 academic year there is the possibility of a guided visit to Sa Llavor. Visits are made one Tuesday of each month in the afternoon. Is necessary request an appointment here (from January 2018).

During the visit, you will learn about the facilities and activities of the school. It is the first requirement to apply for admission.

Admission request

Once the visit is done, if you want to register you should request the admission documentation here.

Nursery: you will be informed of the availability of places.

Primary: future students will be invited to join in the activities of Sa Llavor for two or more days.

Visit of future students

The future students of Primary Education participate in their corresponding classes during two or more school days.

Admission and registration resolution

The Sa Llavor Pedagogical Team will meet to resolve the requests. The resolution will be communicated as soon as possible to the families. In case of positive resolution, the documentation for the registration request will be sent. This documentation is received only in the case of positive resolution of the admission.