My name is Silvia Manzano Vivar, I am the mother of Roberto and Martín. We arrived in Mallorca four years ago looking for a school for our children and finding Sa Llavor rooted us on the island.
Nursery Teacher, by the Complutense University of Madrid, as a listen of one of my earliest internal seeds, the love of childhood, the accompaniment and importance of the presence in this wonderful stage.
All my training has always been born of an impulse to discover myself, know me, listen to me and, from this place, be present in the world.
Listening to my motherhood, after the birth of Roberto, I formed as a Doula and I accompany mothers, fathers and families in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.
Trained in Foot Reflexology, of which I teach workshops for families, in Cranio-Sacral for pregnant women and babies, and in Gestalt therapy. They are my tools and
treasures that I always carry with me and that have shaped and made my
purpose of life.
I worked for almost two years in a public library in the Community of Madrid, in the children’s and youth room, hence my experience and knowledge basic library science, which I am now fortunate to share in the school.
Waking up life and using the school library is being a job wonderful in which, in reality, the real protagonists are being girls and boys. We do a part of the internal work of cataloging, documentation, ordering and updating of the bibliographic collection necessary for the activation of this service. But it is with the passage of all the cycles through the room that the magic and beauty that beats in each book, in each story, in each story and image that wait to be discovered, chosen, looked at and listened to, is really generated. I accompany the girls and boys weekly, as a reference of the library, as a reading and loan room. To get acquainted with this space, its use and use, I will present you how it is organized, how and where to find your favorite readings or to consult your concerns and curiosities to feel the space as yours and enjoy it to the fullest. The elders of the school participate by giving a service to the community and They are occupying the adult room. They and they are lending a true “librarian and librarian apprentices” service; catalog, they make weavings, select and order the bibliographic collection of this room. I feel privileged to be able to feel and see how books, in this age of screens, they still retain their magic when they are held in their hands and They connect with what happens to each one. I am grateful to be able to enjoy the enthusiasm with which they are receiving and shaping this new initiative that has already become a habit and family space within their life at school.

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