I am Hagar Talmor, it has been a year and a half since we arrived on the island and in this wonderful community. I immediately felt at home. I am an herbalist at heart, since I can remember, I have been looking at the ground, noticing the plants that I have around me, and in recent years I have dedicated myself to heal and teach how to heal using what we all have in our garden. Yoga is my other passion, and it is the teacher that helps me improve my life and grow. In my day to day I help people to reprogram their lifestyle habits to feel better about themselves.
In the Library Project, we have renewed the atmosphere of this space so that it conveys a feeling of greater friendliness. I am in charge of registering all the books that we have and those that are coming in to make it easier for girls and boys to take them home and thus improve their reading. This project made me reconnect with reading, as well as my children, and it helps me a lot to improve my Spanish.

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