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Awaken a new sensibility and discover your resources

Training in Sa Llavor is based on Holistic Pedagogy and promotes an integral Education for the conscious evolution of humanity.

It is aimed at people, professionals and teaching teams interested in incorporating this pedagogy into their work and life dynamics.

These programs have the goal of transmitting an integral look at Education and living a process that facilitates and activates the creative capacities and pedagogical intuition of the participants.

More than 200 students have attended the Sa Llavor Training courses that have been taught since 2012 and which are officially certified by the Department of Education, Culture and Universities of the Balearic Islands as Permanent Teacher Training and endorsed by the Center for Ecoliteracy, Berkeley, California.

The Foundation has advised and trained the teams of Escoleta Municipal de Esporles, C.E.I.P. Ses Marjades de Sóller, Crea_t Center of Palma. And he has collaborated with the training programs of the C.E.P. (Center de Professorat) of Palma and C.E.P. of Inca.

Objectives of the Training Programs

  • Encourage and activate a comprehensive education for human and ecological development.
  • Practice holistic pedagogy, methodology and didactic.
  • Know the evolutionary stages of the child and adapt the contents and methodology to each stage through a holistic approach.
  • Experience different artistic languages ​​and their application to educational practice.
  • Activate the creative abilities and the pedagogical intuition of the participants.
  • Cultivate a living relationship with nature within a new ecological consciousness.
  • Develop human qualities. Live the social interrelation and work in multidisciplinary teams